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Hi my names Haley anne Swanson.I'm 11 years old. I love to sing,sing,and act,basiclly I just like to perform.When I turn 16 I plan on additioning for Canadian Idol.I live in a beautiful little town called Sudbury.I have a little brother that is 9 and he's is actally a thronger to.I was born with something called Cystic Fibrois so I can't disgest food and my lungs aren't as great as others.Same with my brother.I was scared that is would affect my singing but Because I have great Docters there's no problem.Well bye

Now that drew has made it to the top 9 you must vote to keep him in the compition!! Vote for him as many times as you can,If you wan’t him to stay that is.Please don’t let him leave the show earlier than he should VOTE VOTE VOTE!