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“Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star” – Sunday, January 13th

7:00PM ET/PT on Citytv Toronto and Vancouver

Available in High Definition on Citytv HD Toronto

Starring: David Spade and Alyssa Milano
TV child star of the ’70s, Dickie Roberts (Spade) is now 35 years-old and parking cars. In an attempt to regain the spotlight, he auditions for a role of a ‘normal guy’, but the director quickly sees that he is anything but normal. Desperate to win the part, Dickie hires a family to help him replay his childhood and assume the identity of an average, everyday kid.

“Murder 19C: Under the Dragon’s Tail” – Saturday, January 12th ***A Citytv Premiere***

9:00PM ET/CT/MT/PT on Citytv Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Starring: Flora Montgomery, Kenneth Walsh, Madison Fele

Detective Murdoch investigates the murder of Dolly Capshaw, a mid-wife who also performed abortions. Using knew techniques such as fingerprints (or finger marks as they are known at the time) and handwriting analysis, Murdoch eliminates a number of suspects but has proof that a self-righteous and nosy neighbor, Mr. Golding, was in the house at the time the crime was committed.

“Jackass: The Movie” – Friday, January 11th

9:00PM ET/CT/MT/PT on Citytv Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Starring: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Bam Margera
Johnny Knoxville and his crazy friends take outrageous to a new extreme. They wander around Japan in panda outfits, wreak havoc on a once civilized golf court, they even do stunts involving live alligators all in the name of entertainment.

“The Perfect Score” – Wednesday, January 9th

9:00PM ET/MT/PT on Citytv Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Available in High Definition on Citytv HD Toronto

“The Perfect Score” – Thursday, January 10th

9:00PM CT on Citytv Winnipeg

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Erika Christensen
Six high school seniors band together to steal the answers to the college SAT exam, hoping to secure their futures and gain admittance to the college of their choice. Although each student has their own reason for wanting to commit the perfect crime, they quickly realize that the answer to their problems and the key to their happiness doesn’t lie in achieving a perfect score.

“American Pie Presents Band Camp” – Tuesday, January 8th

9:00PM ET/CT/MT/PT on Citytv Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Starring: Eugene Levy and Tad Hilgenbrink
In the spirit of the original American Pie classics, this one is sure to have you in stitches. This time around, the focus is on Matt Stifler (Hilgenbrink), younger brother of Steve Stifler, as Matt is sent to band camp for the summer when he faces expulsion from school. At first, Matt attempts to wire the camp with hidden cameras to turn it into the set of his own “Girls Gone Wild”-type video, but when he falls for fellow campie Elyse, his efforts to stifle his Stiffmeister ways are met with hilarious results.

“Paycheck”- Monday, January 7th

9:00PM ET/CT/PT on Citytv Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver

Available in High Definition on Citytv HD Toronto

Starring: Ben Affleck, Uma Thurman and Aaron Eckhart
Jennings (Affleck), a computer engineer, awakens one day to discover that the last three years of his life have been erased from his memory. After learning that he had been working on a top secret security project during those three years, he goes to collect his final paycheck. Upon doing so, Jennings finds out that before his memory was erased he traded his money for a bag of worthless clues and trinkets. When the feds start looking into the top secret project, Jennings must quickly piece together the clues and prove his innocence.

“Intern Academy” – Saturday, January 5th ***A Citytv Premiere, with Descriptive Video***

9:00PM ET/CT/MT/PT on Citytv Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Starring: Dan Aykroyd, Dave Foley and Carly Pope.

A new group of interns set out to show St. Albert’s Teaching Hospital that laughter truly is the best medicine. Despite their antics, seven unlikely candidates must prove to the evil Dr. Cyrill Kipp that they have what it takes to make it through their internship program. This Canadian comedy was written and directed by Dave Thomas (“King of the Hill”, “Arrested Development”).

“Citytv New Year’s Bash ‘08”

Monday, December 31st


Nathan Phillips Square

With Hosts Gord Martineau, Kathryn Humphreys, Dina Pugliese and Kevin Frankish

Pre-Show Schedule as Follows:

Carried Away – 9:14pm

The Midway State – 9:35pm

Skye Sweetnam – 9:55pm

Grand:PM – 10:20pm

Live Schedule as Follows:

Samba Squad – 11:00pm

JDiggz – 11:05pm

Roz Bell – 11:25PM

Mayor David Miller 11:40pm

Plain White T’s – 11:45pm

Cast of “We Will Rock You” – 12:00 midnight

*** All Times Subject to Change***

Broadcast Live on Citytv and OMNI 2
Available in HD on
CitytvHD Toronto (Rogers 519)

Citytv premieres “Operation Herbie: A World of Difference”, the story of three desperately ill children from the Philippines who travel to Toronto to receive life-saving medical treatment, Saturday, December 22nd, 2007 at 7:00 PM ET on Citytv.

“CityNews at Six” Anchor Gord Martineau hosts and co-produced this heart-warming special that documents the incredible journey of three children from the Philippines and how Operation Herbie helped change their lives for the better. We are introduced to 15 year-old Xander who travelled to Toronto to undergo his second open heart surgery to insert a mechanical valve. 12 year-old Mar Anne also underwent open heart surgery to repair holes in her heart before doctors at Sick Kids could operate on her spine and correct her severe scoliosis. Four year-old John Phillip underwent surgery to modify cranio-facial abnormalities which had prevented him from developing social relationships and living like other four year olds. With the help of Operation Herbie, these children have overcome geographical and technological limitations and have vastly improved their quality of life.

“I believe in doing what I can to help children who face life or death struggles … they are kids whose families have no money and no access to high level health care,” said Gord Martineau, Anchor, “CityNews at Six”. “We have it all here in Toronto … it’s time to share.”

Operation Herbie is a volunteer based fundraising group that has been raising money for the Herbie Fund for over 27 years at The Hospital For Sick Children. The group is dedicated to bringing children from all parts of the world, who are in need of life-saving or life-altering surgeries to SickKids for medical treatment. The children are selected based of the severity of their medical needs, their lack of access to specialized medical care in their home country. No child needing medical care is denied based on race, religion, geographic location or financial status. The philosophy of Operation Herbie believes that the future of our world lies in the healthy well being of our children; and there is no greater need for generosity and compassion than to care for a child. For more information about Operation Herbie, please visit

Tune in to “Operation Herbie: A World of Difference”, Saturday December 22, 2007 at 7:00PM ET on Citytv with encore presentations Monday, December 24, 2007 at 4:00PM ET and Tuesday, December 25, 2007 at 4:00PM ET.

Citytv Premieres: “The Tyra Banks Show”
Monday, January 7th, 2008

Citytv will premiere “The Tyra Banks Show”, Monday, January 7th, 2008, on Citytv stations across Canada.

Broadcast Schedule as follows:

Citytv Toronto: 11:00am ET

Citytv Calgary: 3:00pm MT

Citytv Edmonton: 3:00pm MT

Citytv Vancouver: 4:00pm PT

Citytv Winnipeg: The following day at 5:00am CT

OMNI 2 (Toronto): 4:00pm ET

Now in its third season, after two successful seasons in Los Angeles, the Daytime Emmy Award-winning “The Tyra Banks Show” has moved to New York City! Tyra infuses the excitement and energy of the Big Apple into the show with location pieces, highlighting the diversity and culture of the city, visits from quintessential New Yorkers and celebrities. As with her previous seasons, Tyra continues to inspire and champion women of all ages to accept and embrace themselves to find their own beauty and inner strength. Tyra’s forthright style and honesty makes the show the place women want to be to discuss topics that are important to them, as well as have fun learning about fashion, beauty and health.

Don’t miss the “The Tyra Banks Show” premiering Monday, January 7th, 2008, on Citytv stations across Canada.