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Veteran Canadian TV actor Rick Roberts is embarking on the role of a lifetime, playing the part of the political leader who captured the hearts of Canadians in the last federal election.

Roberts is playing Jack Layton in Smilin’ Jack: The Jack Layton Story, a made-for-television movie that began shooting in Winnipeg on August 5th. It’s a role he has enjoyed researching, and also found challenging to prepare for.

“It’s been a pleasure looking into the life of such a multi-faceted man. I’ve had to learn to speak Cantonese and French, and play the guitar. Jack Layton was an incredible athlete, and I like to lie on the couch – so this in itself has been challenging. The most intriguing part has been trying to embody his passion for life, his generosity, and his resolve to follow his vision in spite of overwhelming odds.” Continue reading »

Danielle Wade

La Salle, ON

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20-year-old Danielle is from LaSalle, Ontario and is currently attending a fine arts program at the University of Windsor.

Danielle credits everything she knows about performing to Kathy Rogers, her singing teacher.

When she was seven, she saw The Lion King, and says she was completely mesmerized by the music and costumes. The first big role she had was playing Sandy in Grease, and remembers feeling really at home on stage. Her role model is Sutton Foster, who she says exudes grace and poise. Continue reading »

Kelsey Verzotti

Calgary, AB

Over the Rainbow top 20

17-year-old Kelsey Verzotti calls Calgary, Alberta home, and plans on graduating high school next year.

The very first stage production she ever saw was The Wizard of Oz when she was four, and she calls Kristen Chenoweth her biggest role model.

Besides singing, Kelsey likes to travel and read, and she can also play the piano. Continue reading »

Michelle Thibodeau

Moncton, NB

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Christie Stewart

Vernon, BC

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Emily Robertson

Milford Station, NS

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Tevra Plamondon

Red Deer, AB

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Jessie Munro

Toronto, ON

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Born and raised in Toronto, 18-year-old Jessie recently finished up four years at the Etobicoke School of the Arts, and was accepted into the vocal program at Berklee College.

Jessie has eight years of vocal training with a wide variety of coaches and programs. The first stage production she ever saw was The Lion King, which she credits with sparking her love of theatre. Continue reading »

Fiona McIntyre,

Port Moody, BC

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Lia Luz

Scarborough, ON

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