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Bo is a succubus. One look, one touch and you’re left breathless, sometimes even lifeless. Laying low and always on the run, Bo is unable to control her urge to feed on the sexual energy of others, leaving a trail of victims in her wake.

That is, until the day she comes face to face with the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore living amongst us and intent upon claiming Bo as their own, in the Canadian original series Lost Girl, premiering Sunday, September 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.

The product of a strict upbringing, Bo (Anna Silk: Being Erica; Billable Hours) was raised to believe that sex of any kind was inherently evil. When Bo discovers her mysterious abilities after a traumatizing “first-time”, she leaves home and sets out on her own, ‘feeding’ whenever the urge becomes too overwhelming.

After leaving a victim in plain sight, Bo is exposed to the world of the Fae, who take her in and help uncover her true being as a succubus. Forced to choose allegiance, between the Dark or Light clans of Fae, Bo goes rogue, refusing to belong to any world other than human. Adding to her troubles, Bo’s desire to track down her birth mother puts her even more at risk as she searches for her true origin above all else.

“Lost Girl isn’t your typical supernatural series. At its core, it’s the story of our fascinating heroine, Bo, who – due to her special powers – must contend with new relationship issues and power struggles,” said Tara Ellis, Vice President, Showcase and Drama Content, Canwest Broadcasting. “With the breadth of creative talent behind the series and tremendous performances by the cast, Lost Girl is set to take Showcase viewers by storm.”

“One of the great things about Lost Girl is the show’s ability to embrace a world where supernatural beings are real and live among us while still dealing with relatable issues,” said Jay Firestone, founder, Prodigy Pictures. “Bo is special but she’s also just like any other girl her age struggling with her identity while trying not to take herself too seriously.”

Aided by best-friend Kenzi (Ksenia Solo: Life Unexpected;; Black Swan), Bo becomes part vigilante, part mercenary as she takes on a variety of paid jobs, Fae assignments and personal missions. A sticky love triangle involving homicide detective and shape-shifting Fae, Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid: Ben Hur, The Bridge; The Tudors) and human doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer: The Guard; Instant Star), makes navigating the worlds of Fae and human even trickier.

The fantasy noir series filmed in and around Toronto is enhanced with elaborately detailed sets, intricately decorated backdrops and top-line special effects. Lost Girl’s arresting urban-gothic styling plays a supporting role to the art and direction of the show.

A recent Ipsos Reid survey found it’s not a fear of making mistakes, lack of time, or worry of doing more damage than good that has Canadians shaking in their work boots when it comes to taking on a do-it-yourself project.

A lack of confidence is to blame. Fear not, with a new Fall schedule launching September 6, DIY Network Canada offers brand new and returning series chalk-full of tips and practical solutions for the simplest and most complex DIY projects.

DIY Network strives to give Canadians the confidence to demo, spruce and remodel any room in their homes.

The same survey also concluded that 67% of Canadians would feel more comfortable completing a DIY project if they had the help of an expert. The new schedule features a power-packed programming line-up that offers plenty of top-notch tactics hosted by experts in their fields.

Offering step-by-step instructions and professional guidance is House Crashers, a brand new series in which host and contractor Josh Temple ambushes unsuspecting homeowners in home improvement stores and convinces them to let him and his crew remodel their home.

In Bath Crashers, professional do-it-yourselfer and host Matt Muenster and his team help transform boring, busted and just plain bad bathrooms into breathtaking spaces.

According to those Canadians surveyed, 65% would choose to renovate their kitchens and bathrooms over any other room in their home.  New seasons of Kitchen Impossible, Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations and BATHTastic will have Canadians braving those renovations in no time.


New Series Premiering This Fall Include:

Bath Crashers (13x30min)

(Canadian Premiere)

Tuesday at 10pm ET/7pm PT beginning September 7

DIY Network is on a mission to crash and trash bathrooms, transforming them into stunning, functional and modern living spaces in the new Bath Crashers. Crasher Matt Muenster ambushes homeowners while they’re home improvement shopping. When he identifies the ultimate bathroom challenge, he follows the lucky homeowner home and totally overhauls a bathroom in need of repair.


House Crashers (13x30min)

(Canadian Premiere)

Wednesdays at 9pm ET/6pm PT beginning September 8

House Crashers is ambush renovation at its best. Host and contractor Josh Temple stalks a big-box home improvement store looking for unsuspecting weekend warriors, and then follows them home with a large crew of experts in tow. Watch as stunned homeowners who journeyed into the store to fix a simple leaky faucet end up winning the remodeling lottery with dramatic, eye-popping room transformations.


New Seasons of Popular Series Premiering This Fall Include:


Bathroom Renovations (Canadian Premiere)

Weekdays at 4pm ET beginning September 6


Kitchen Renovations (Canadian Premiere)

Weekdays at 4:30pm ET beginning September 6


Sweat Equity (Canadian Premiere)

Weekdays at 8pm ET beginning September 6


Man Caves (Canadian Premiere)

Tuesdays at 9pm ET and 9:30pm ET beginning September 7


Cool Tools (Canadian Premiere)

Thursdays at 9pm ET and 9:30pm ET beginning September 9


BATHtastic (Canadian Premiere)

Fridays at 9pm ET and 9:30pm ET beginning September 10


Kitchen Impossible (Canadian Premiere)

Fridays at 10pm ET and 10:30pm ET beginning September 10

This Fall Showcase is home to a family on the run, a firefighter back from the dead, a spy with no identity and a young woman trying to make sense of her unusual and mysterious powers.

Beginning September 1, 2010, Showcase welcomes the highly anticipated return of Rescue Me and Weeds, followed by the network premiere of critically acclaimed spy drama Burn Notice.

Showcase also delivers outstanding original drama with the series premiere of Lost Girl and miniseries premieres of Sherlock, Strike Back and Wallander.

Weekends get the star treatment with a variety of Hollywood blockbuster premieres including Get Smart and Tropic Thunder.

Heating up the Showcase schedule this fall, Burn Notice follows covert operative Michael Weston (Jeffery Donovan) on the hunt for who is responsible for getting him ‘burned’ – the spy equivalent of being fired.

With bank accounts frozen and connections severed, Weston is forced to earn cash by becoming a private investigator in his hometown of Miami. A top-rated, critically acclaimed cable hit in the US Burn Notice season one airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning September 7.

Weeds returns for a smoking sixth season. Picking up after the untimely death of Mexican crime boss, Pilar Zuazo, Nancy Botwin’s youngest son Shane becomes a murderer and sends the Botwin family on the run – again. Starring Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, Weeds season six welcomes a stellar cast of guest stars including new additions Richard Dreyfuss, Linda Hamilton and Mark Paul Gosselaar.

Also returning to Weeds this season is Alanis Morissette and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Weeds season six airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning September 5.


Other breakout hits back this fall include:

• Denis Leary is back as everyone’s favourite tormented fireman. Rescue Me, season six begins Wednesday, September 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

• Season two of life-after-death comedy Drop Dead Diva, featuring special guest stars Paula Abdul, Gloria Reuben, Natasha Henstridge and former Bachelor Jake Pavelka, premieres Monday, October 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT


New to Showcase this Fall is the supernatural, urban gothic original Canadian series Lost Girl. The series stars Anna Silk (Being Erica; Billable Hours) as Bo, a succubus who discovers she belongs to the world of Fae; creatures of legend and folklore living among humankind in secrecy. Kris Holden-Reid (Ben Hur, The Bridge, The Tudors), Zoie Palmer (The Guard, Instant Star) and Ksenia Solo (Life Unexpected, also star. Lost Girl airs Sundays beginning September 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Showcase presents popular miniseries from the UK and Australia this Fall including the Canadian premiere of three-part British miniseries Sherlock. Based on the Arthur Conan Doyle classic, the series stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Small Island, The Last Enemy) and Martin Freeman (The Office, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and is written by acclaimed writer/producer Steven Moffat (Dr. Who). Hailed by UK press as “…a thoroughly enjoyable 21st-century makeover,” (The Times), with “…sparkling scripts and unforgettable performances,” (Leciester Mercury), Sherlock premieres Friday, September 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.


Other top miniseries premiering this Fall on Showcase include:

• The Canadian premiere of Strike Back a three-part miniseries based on the real-life experiences of former SAS corporal Chris Ryan, airs Friday, October 1, at 10 p.m. ET/PT

• The cable premiere of Wallander, a six-part miniseries based on six thrilling adaptations of best-selling crime novels by Henning Mankell and starring BAFTA award-winning actor Kenneth Branaugh, airs Friday, November 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

• Season One of the popular Australian action drama Sea Patrol debuts Monday, September 1 at 5 p.m. ET/PT


Movies get top billing on Saturday nights this Fall with the Showcase Saturday Night Movie block. The block features an unprecedented number of big-ticket, blockbuster Hollywood movies straight off-pay, including:

• Cloverfield, Saturday, September 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

• Get Smart, Saturday, October 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

• The Hulk, Saturday, October 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

• You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, Saturday, November 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

• Tropic Thunder, Saturday, December 11 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

• Pineapple Express, Saturday, December 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Viewers can visit for the latest episodes of Showcase exclusives and original series, behind-the-scenes footage and series extras. The Showcase Blog ( offers daily coverage of Showcase programming, insight into the world of TV and film, regular contests, big name interviews, guest appearances from network stars, and a host of bonus content, updated daily.

This fall TVtropolis brings viewers an all-new lineup of thrills, spills and automobiles with America’s Worst Driver, Southern Fried Stings, All Worked Up, Total Wipeout and The Marriage Ref.

TVtropolis gets serious with the gripping realities of Intervention and I Survived…, and laugh-out-loud funny with Canadian original series Totally Tracked Down and TV With TV’s Jonathan Torrens. The fall schedule launches August 30, 2010.

The primetime block is jam-packed with more adrenaline-pumping series than ever before. TVtropolis introduces viewers to America’s Worst Driver – the series where coming in first isn’t best.

Each week, four contestants, nominated by their friends and family, compete in a series of driving challenges through the streets of their hometown. The first place contestant is named worst driver and their car is destroyed.

The show has been adapted by 16 countries, and TVtropolis is home to one of the most successful formats. America’s Worst Driver airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT beginning August 31.

Joining the fall schedule are two truth-telling, real-life drama series. The A&E Emmy® Award–winning hit, Intervention, profiles people whose dependencies on drugs and alcohol or other compulsive behaviour have brought them to a point of personal crisis. TVtropolis is also the exclusive home of I Survived…, a cinematic interview style series where survivors of unbelievable circumstances explain how their lives have changed forever. Intervention airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT followed by I Survived… at 9 p.m. ET/PT beginning September 1.


TVtropolis is serving up playful reality with two exclusive series courtesy of TruTV. Southern Fried Stings follows ex-State Trooper and addiction expert Jay Russell as he and his team take on tough and bizarre cases. All Worked Up goes on the job with people whose work entails delivering bad news or dealing with difficult situations where the recipient may explode in rage. Southern Fried Stings airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT and All Worked Up airs Thursdays and Fridays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT beginning August 30.


Also joining the TVtropolis lineup are reality series including:

Total Wipeout – Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT beginning August 30

The Marriage Ref – Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT beginning August 31

Totally Tracked Down – Thursdays at 7 p.m. ET/PT beginning September 2

TV With TV’s Jonathan Torrens – Fridays at 7 p.m. ET/PT beginning September 3


Returning comedy series include:

Family Guy – Monday to Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Friends – back-to-back episodes Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT

That 70’s Show – back-to-back episodes Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT

King of Queens – back-to-back episodes Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT


Have you heard? Ladies night in is the new ladies night out. When SliceTM introduces its Saturday night lineup on September 11, viewers can anticipate jaw-dropping, drama-filled entertainment, guaranteed to get the gossip flowing, straight from their own homes.

Kicking off the cocktail hour at 7pm ET/8pm PT is the brand new season of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood followed by an addictive line-up of the ubiquitous Real Housewives franchise: the inaugural season of The Real Housewives of D.C. and brand new seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and The Real Housewives of New York City. The party doesn’t stop until 11pm ET/12am PT.

“From start to finish Saturday night is packed with the juiciest guilty pleasure programming SliceTM viewers tune in for,” says Vanessa Case, Vice President Content SliceTM, Canwest Broadcasting. “The Real Housewives franchise has really taken off and Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood is the perfect complement to kick off this indulgent evening. We expect that the all-new line-up of fan favourites will carry viewers throughout the night.”

Perfect entertainment for gossiping with the girls on a night in, Saturday night brings SliceTM viewers more of the table-flipping, cat-fighting, mascara-dripping, jaw-dropping, unpredictable drama they crave. Frenemies are made, babies are born and family ties are tangled in the hottest series and seasons yet of The Real Housewives and Tori & Dean. Tune in as high-power and high-society women balance their fabulous over-the-top lifestyles with a cocktail in one hand and their families, careers and busy social lives in the other.


Saturdays on SliceTM is ladies night in, featuring:


7pm ET/8pm PT: Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, V

Returning for a fifth season on SliceTM, Tori and Dean offer an even closer look into their family life and at their own relationship, which will include a first-ever Spelling-McDermott cross-country family road trip. When the season kicks off, fans will be treated to a fun-filled, bumpy ride while Tori and Dean take turns at the wheel.


8pm ET/9pm PT: The Real Housewives of D.C.

The most talked about installment of The Real Housewives franchise is set to take on the Hill, presenting a slice of life amongst affluent, educated women, some raising kids, some driving careers, all interacting with friends and family as determined by the unwritten social rules of the Beltway. The Real Housewives of D.C. introduces five intriguing women whose relationships with each other, and with the city in which they live, are a compelling combination to explore the nexus of politics, society, and even race.


9pm ET/10pm PT: The Real Housewives of New Jersey, II

Last season’s table flip was just the beginning. From “bubbies” to babies and everything in between, season two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey brings the water-cooler sensation to a whole new level. With Jacqueline and Teresa both having babies, Caroline and Dina maintaining the Manzo family clan and Danielle still trying to make her way into the inner circle, the tension is high and the Jersey girls don’t hold back.


10pm ET/11pm PT: The Real Housewives of New York City, III

The Real Housewives of New York City follows the busy lives of a group of driven and ambitious Manhattan women as they juggle their demanding careers and motherhood and navigate the wonderful world of jam-packed social calendars, children and city life. The Real Housewives of New York City are: Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Bethenny Frankel, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Alex McCord, Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin. The third season will also feature two new recurring women, Sonja Morgan and Jennifer Gilbert.


Behold “Princess”: racking up thousands of dollars in credit card debt, living the life, while family and friends pay the price for her reckless spending.

In the brand new original series Princess, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, financial expert and host of SliceTM’s popular financial series Til Debt Do Us Part, confronts, cajoles and guides these princesses, with the hopes of transforming them from selfish spenders into money-savvy women.

Premiering Tuesday, September 7 at 9pm ET/6pm PT on SliceTM, this 13-part series features compelling stories from women of all ages, and the loved ones who are tired of being taken for granted.

“Til Debt Do Us Part consistently ranks as SliceTM‘s top Canadian series among Adults 25-54,” says Vanessa Case, Vice President, Content, SliceTM. “Viewers who love Gail Vaz-Oxlade for her no-nonsense approach to finance and practical advice will tune in to Princess to watch her tackle brand new financial problems and confront some of her most resistant participants yet.”

“These princesses are pampered and spoiled. They don’t give two hoots about how their spending affects anyone else, and they take zero responsibility for their own money,” says Gail Vaz-Oxlade.

“The goal in this series isn’t just to curb a shopaholic lifestyle; it’s about changing the princess’ attitude towards her life. I want them to spend consciously; I want them to take a serious look at the effect of their destructive and manipulative behaviour on their relationships; and I want them to grow up and get serious about being strong, independent women who are in control of their own futures.”

From the young, single mother, too busy shopping and partying to notice either her daughter or her debt,  to the 40-year-old self-proclaimed “Daddy’s Girl” who recently quit her job as a bartender with only a closetful of designer purchases to show for it. Although each woman is in a different life situation, each is living the same outrageous lifestyle – way beyond her means and borrowing money from credit cards and loved ones to fulfill her shopping habits, designer label obsessions and idealistic standard of living.

It’s time these princesses got a rude awakening – and SliceTM’s Gail Vaz-Oxlade is just the woman to give them the tough love and financial wake-up call they need to turn their lives around. Putting them on a cash diet, Gail gives the women six weeks to complete a series of challenges and achieve their financial goals, with the promise of up to $5,000 to pay down their debt if they succeed.

Princess is for anyone who has ever disregarded the fate of a pending bill in order to fulfill the wants of that perfect pair of shoes or designer purse. For those who have maxed out their credit cards – or someone else’s – on costly spa treatments in order to boost their self-worth. And for everyone with a “princess” in their life who could use some tough love herself!

Full episodes of Princess and additional content including finance articles and quizzes will be available exclusively online at following each broadcast.


The first two world broadcast premiere episodes include:

Princess: Ashley (World Broadcast Premiere)

Tuesday, September 7 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

With a fiancé who adores her, Princess Ashley knows how to get what she wants. Using guilt trips, manipulation and outright lies, Ashley is convinced her fiancé Kyle to go into debt to keep her happy – but now he’s at a breaking point. Money is the number one issue in their budding relationship. Even though Kyle is covering the living costs, food and vacations, Ashley is still racking up over $1,050 of cash advances from her credit card per month to cover her wants. Either Ashley has to change or the wedding is off. Financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade gets to the root of the issue: Ashley’s spending is out of control, her dreams are unattainable and the people who love her are quickly running out of patience.  With a wedding in six months Gail puts Ashley on a serious cash diet and has her fending for herself for once.  Can Gail keep Ashley out of debt and on track towards a happily ever after with Kyle?


Princess: Krista (World Broadcast Premiere)

Tuesday, September 14 at 9pm ET/6pm PT

Princess Krista is a self-confessed “drama queen” and “shopaholic”. Husband Ryan agrees. In their 14 years together, she and Ryan have separated three times over Krista’s spending problems. Recently she left her husband because she couldn’t bring herself to tell him that she’d once again racked up their credit cards and line of credit. They temporarily reconciled after she finally came clean, but the couple is $60,000 in the hole. Krista hides her fears with her outrageous behaviour and her over-the-top wardrobe, makeup and hair. But her marriage is on the rocks and Ryan can’t tolerate one more financial secret. If Krista doesn’t take financial expert Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s advice to heart, and begin to change her self-centered behaviour, this indulgent Princess’ fairytale is bound to have a very unhappy ending.


Haven kicks off the summer with a sizzling start. The supernatural original scripted series premiered on Monday, July 12, 2010 to a total viewing audience of 298,000 viewers (2+), making it the highest rated Canadian scripted series premiere of all-time on Showcase.

The debut episode, which aired at 10 pm ET/PT, pulled in an impressive 127,000 viewers in the A25-54 demographic and 118,000 viewers in the A18-49 category and won its timeslot within the specialty broadcasting landscape for 2+ and A25-54 categories.

The successful Canadian launch comes hot on the heels of the July 9, 2010 U.S. premiere on SyFy Channel, which exceeded 2 million total viewers (P2+).

Haven centers on the small town of Haven, Maine, where FBI agent Audrey (Emily Rose) discovers that the curious enclave is a long time refuge for people with supernatural afflictions. As the townspeople’s dormant abilities begin to express themselves, Audrey helps keep these forces at bay while discovering the many secrets of Haven – including one surrounding her own surprising past in this extraordinary place.

Haven is developed and produced by E1 Entertainment, and is co-commissioned by Canwest with the Syfy Channel in the United States.

Showcase is dedicated to providing top quality Canadian dramatic content. The channel is the home of big, bold original series, including: Cra$h & Burn and the upcoming premieres of Lost Girl and Shattered.

Today, Canwest and ABC jointly announced the renewal of this summer’s biggest new series, Rookie Blue. The sexy hit Canadian drama was greenlit for a second season only three weeks following the ground-breaking premiere on Global Television and ABC.

A bullet-proof winner since its debut, Rookie Blue has hooked a combined weekly average of 8.5 million viewers on both sides of the border, and has garnered a rap sheet full of critics’ accolades. Sparked by this extraordinary response to the new blue, the second season is currently in development and will move into production in Toronto later this summer.

“We are so proud of Rookie Blue’s amazing success and are thrilled to announce its renewal alongside ABC,” said Barbara Williams, Executive Vice-President of Content, Canwest Broadcasting. “This homegrown series has delivered record-setting audiences, and we’re looking forward to giving fans even more of these fresh characters and gripping storylines in season two.”

In Canada, the series premiere garnered a record-breaking 2.1 million viewers on Global (Ind 2+, national – up from the preliminary overnight number of 1.8 million) – the highest-rated premiere for a Canadian drama series on any network in over a decade.  Bolstered by an extensive marketing campaign across the country, Rookie Blue is the most successful original Canadian drama ever commissioned by Canwest.

“We’re very pleased that the show has connected with viewers, especially considering the challenge of finding an audience in the summer,” said Quinn Taylor, Senior Vice-President, Movies, Miniseries and Acquisitions, ABC Entertainment Group, “and thrilled to pick it up for a second season.”

Rookie Blue was developed by Thump Inc. and produced in partnership with leading indie studio and distributor, E1 Entertainment. The series is executive produced by award-winning Tassie Cameron (Flashpoint), Ilana Frank (The Eleventh Hour, Would Be Kings), Noreen Halpern (Hung, Haven), John Morayniss (Hung, Haven) and David Wellington (The Eleventh Hour, Would Be Kings).

“The creative troika of Tassie, David and Ilana is the secret behind the out-of-the-gate success of Rookie Blue,” said Noreen Halpern, President of Dramatic Programming, E1 Television. “They tell heartfelt, immersive human stories burnished with a sexy, glossy pop sheen.  We’re thrilled that the stars seem to have aligned on this project, and that Canwest and ABC have been such incredible partners.”

E1 owns worldwide distribution rights for its TV productions and markets its programs to broadcasters, digital outlets and retailers around the globe.  Along with the sales to ABC and Canwest, the exclusive global pay-TV rights (excluding U.S., Canada, France and Germany) for Rookie Blue were previously acquired by Universal Networks International, the global channels division of NBC Universal.

Rookie Blue follows the lives of five inexperienced rookies thrown into the world of big city policing. The series examines the trials and triumphs, competition and camaraderie of this rookie family learning that no amount of training can prepare them for this job – or for life.

Shot entirely on location in Toronto, Rookie Blue features a diverse lineup of Canadian actors including Missy Peregrym (Reaper, Heroes), Gregory Smith (Everwood), Charlotte Sullivan (M.V.P.), Enuka Okuma (24) and Travis Milne (My Green House). Rounding out the cast is Ben Bass (Would Be Kings), Eric Johnson (Smallville), Matt Gordon (Rent-A-Goalie), Noam Jenkins (Flashpoint) and Melanie Nicholls King (The Wire).

Rookie Blue airs Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT on Global and ABC. In this week’s episode, “Signals Crossed” (Thursday, July 15), Andy (Missy Peregrym) trades in her uniform for something more risqué when she goes undercover as a prostitute.  Tensions run high when Dov (Gregory Smith) puts an informant’s life in jeopardy and it’s up to Andy to infiltrate a risky gun deal in progress to save her.

Viewers can catch up on the first three episodes of Rookie Blue at


Hot on the heels of Rookie Blue’s record-breaking launch and upcoming premiere of Haven, a partnership with SyFy, Canwest confirms an impressive roster of additional Canadian series for Global and Showcase.

Canwest is producing seven original one-hour dramas, four half-hour comedies and three back-door pilots, set to premiere throughout the 2010/11 broadcast season.

The line-up of new series includes high-profile partnerships with Canadian, American and foreign broadcasters and production companies.

New Programming:



Blackstone (Spring 2011)


8×60 min


Intense, compelling and confrontational, Blackstone is an unmuted exploration of power and politics on an Indian reserve. A newly elected female Chief struggles to lead a broken community against the betrayal and corruption of the old regime. The series stars Carmen Moore, Eric Schweig, Michelle Thrush and Nathaniel Arcand. A Canwest partnership with APTN, Blackstone is produced by Prairie Dog Film + Television and executive produced by Ron E. Scott. The series was created by Ron E. Scott and Gil Cardinal who share writing credits along with Selina Williams and Damon Vignale.


Endgame (Spring 2011)


13×60 min


Endgame introduces viewers to Arkady Balagan, a brilliant chess master. Traumatized by the murder of his fiancée, Balagan has become a prisoner in his luxury Vancouver hotel, terrified to step outside. To pay his bill, Balagan starts solving mysteries – using an unlikely band of hotel employees and chess fanatics to do his legwork. Using the skills that made him an international chess champion, Balagan solves the crimes that mystify others. Developed and produced by Thunderbird Films in association with Front Street Pictures; creator and showrunner, Avrum Jacobson; Michael Shepard and Harvey Kahn serve as Executive Producers.


XIII (Spring 2011)


13×60 min


Based on the popular graphic novel of the same name, XIII is an action-packed and intriguing series following a skilled and lethal secret agent as he desperately searches for his true identity. The closer he gets to uncovering the riddle of his past life, the more complex and deadly the mission becomes. XIII is produced by Prodigy Pictures & Cipango and executive produced by Jay Firestone, Thomas Anargyros, Edouard de Vesinne and Gil Grant, who also serves as the writer on the series.


King (Spring 2011)


8×60 min


King is a sexy character-driven cop drama about Jessica King, a charismatic but flawed female detective. King is produced by Indian Grove Productions. Executive Producers are Bernie Zukerman and Greg Spottiswood, both of whom serve as series creators.


Combat Hospital (Fall 2011)


13×60 min


A Canadian/UK co-production set in a military-medical hospital in Afghanistan, the drama focuses on the doctors and nurses who often have to put their own lives at risk to help save the lives of others. Sienna Films and Artists Studios are producing the project with Look Out Point. Executive Producers are Jennifer Kawaja and Julia Sereny for Sienna Films, Gub Neal, Justin Thompson-Glover, Patrick Irwin for Artists Studios and Simon Vaughan for Look Out Point; developed with Steve Lightfoot and created by Douglas Steinberg and Jinder Chalmers.




The Kenny Hotz Television Program (Working Title) (Winter 2011)


6X30 min


Kenny vs. Spenny’s cult icon Kenny Hotz goes solo in a new series. Each week, Kenny is saddled with an insane Herculean task he must accomplish. The series is executive produced by Kenny Hotz and E1’s John Morayniss.


Single White Spenny (Spring 2011)


8×30 min


Poor Spenny can’t catch a break. After being tossed out of his marriage, he sets out to prove to the world that he’s not an, “emotionally inept lovetard incapable of having a functional relationship”. Good luck. He’ll need it. Single White Spenny is produced by Breakthrough Films and Television with Ira Levy serving as Executive Producer. The series is created by Rice and written by Howard Busgang and Tom Nursall.


Untitled Belleville Brothers Project (Spring 2011)


8×30 min


When the seemingly slick go-getter Terry inherits the comic book store he spent his life trying to escape, he has to return to the quirky strip mall where he spent his youth and team up with his socially awkward head-in-the-clouds brother Peter. Together they must put the past behind them, keep dad’s dream alive, and try not to kill each other along the way. E1 is producing with Jason Belleville and Ryan Belleville serving as Creators, Writers and Executive Producers on the project. The series is also executive produced by Laszlo Barna and Noreen Halpern.




Befriend & Betray (Spring 2011)


1×120 min


Based on a true story, Befriend and Betray tells the story of Alex Caine, a civilian infiltrator-for-hire who helps law enforcement agencies battle some of the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations. His private life is no less complicated. Befriend and Betray is produced by DHX and executive produced by Charles Bishop, Floyd Kane and Michael Amo. The pilot is written by Michael Amo and is based on the book “Befriend and Betray” by Alex Caine.


Jack of Diamonds (Spring 2011)


1×120 min


Jack of Diamonds is a comedic drama in the vein of Ocean’s Eleven about a career thief and his young protégé who plan a series of heists against some of the wealthiest people in world – for all the right reasons. Jack of Diamonds is produced by Muse Entertainment. Michael Prupas, Joel Rice and Christian Davin serve as Executive Producers and Peter Hume as writer.


Rave Squad (Spring 2011)


1×120 min


A young international law enforcement team is recruited to investigate crime found in the most alluring global locales. Rave Squad is produced by Chesler/Perlmutter Productions Inc. with Lewis Chesler and David Perlmutter serving as Executive Producers. Rave Squad is written by Josh Kotcheff.


Previously Announced Programming


Shattered (Fall 2010)


13×60 min


Shattered stars acclaimed actor Callum Keith Rennie (Californication, 24) as an unconventional homicide detective harbouring the secret of his battle with Multiple Personality Disorder.


Lost Girl (Fall 2010)


13×60 min


Lost Girl follows supernatural seductress Bo, a succubus raised by humans, who just discovered she was born of a secret line of inhuman beings called Fae. Making her living as a Private Investigator, each week she must solve a new mystery while trying to remain neutral in the ancient battle between the Light and the Dark Fae and searching for the mother who abandoned her. Lost Girl was developed by Prodigy Pictures, in association with Canwest Broadcasting and Showcase. Executive Producers are Jay Firestone, Michelle Lovretta, Peter Mohan, Plato Fountidakis, and Paul Rapovski.


The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour (Winter 2011)


6×30 min


Chaos ensues for Mike, Robb and JP when the entire cast of their new comedy series, The Happy Funtime Hour, ingest an addictive hallucinogen and begin to believe they really are the characters they portray on the show – including deranged pirates, drug-addled playboys from an 80’s television show and a group of not-so-super superheroes. The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour is written by Mike, JP and Robb. They also serve as Executive Producers on the series alongside Louis Thomas. Ron Murphy has been tapped as Director and Producer is Paul Pope. The series is produced by Happy Funtime Productions 2007 Incorporated in association with Showcase, The Canadian Television Fund, Film Nova Scotia and the Bell New media Fund.


This summer Showcase sizzles with supernatural drama, Haven. Beneath the surface of small-town Haven, Maine lies hidden dark secrets and FBI agent Audrey Parker will stop at nothing to uncover them all – including her own.

In the 13-episode series, viewers are taken on a supernatural journey where every sign is a clue and there are no coincidences. Haven premieres Monday, July 12 at 10pm ET/PT.

Haven, starring Emily Rose (Jericho, Brothers and Sisters) and Lucas Bryant (MVP, Queer as Folk), is based on The Colorado Kid from renowned author Stephen King. The series follows the shrewd and confident FBI agent Audrey Parker (Rose) with a lost past who arrives in the small town of Haven on a routine case.

The town turns out to be a longtime refuge for people that are affected by a range of supernatural afflictions. Audrey chooses to stay in Haven and explore its many secrets, not only to unravel the mysteries surrounding the troubled locals, but to dig deeper into the unsettling truths about her own history and unique ties to this extraordinary place. Audrey quickly learns that life is different in Haven as the town reveals itself as a supernatural abyss.

“The breathtaking scenery of Halifax, Nova Scotia is the perfect location to capture the essence of the fictional small town of Haven” said Christine Shipton, SVP, Dramatic and Factual Content, Canwest Broadcasting. “We are proud to join this international partnership and have strong Canadian producers bringing Haven exclusively to Showcase in Canada.”

As she resolves the problems of others, Audrey finds allies in Haven to help her along the way.

There’s Nathan Wuornos (Bryant), a wry local detective who becomes Audrey’s partner on the police force – and who is himself one of the people suffering a supernatural affliction. Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour, 24, Six Feet Under) is Nathan’s nemesis, a rogue who makes a living doing secretive work on both sides of the law.

Lurking in the background are more town locals who will try to impede on Audrey’s journey, like Vince and Dave Teagues, the brothers who own the town newspaper and Police Chief Wuornos (Nicholas Campbell, Da Vinci’s Inquest, Cinderella Man), Nathan’s father who – like many in Haven – is skilled at keeping the town’s secrets. Throughout Audrey’s quest to understand herself and the great mysteries of Haven, she discovers that she herself may be the key to unlock the town’s past.