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The Transporter film series is on its way to the small screen with plans for a new television series based on the explosive action flicks.

Lagardere Entertainmnet and EuropaCorp are working together to launch the news series which will run for 12 episodes in its first season.

The franchise will be distributed internationally with discussions already underway in regards to the major networks and broadcast deals.

The Transporter series will begin shooting in early 2011 in European locations as well as Canada with casting being undertaken at the moment in London, with plans to scour both LA and locally in Toronto.

The Jason Statham-starring movies followed an ex-special forces agent as he transported various “packages” for large sums of money. The franchise which ran between 2002-08 was directed by French director Luc Besson.

Signed on as writer and show-runner of the TV production is German Alexander Rumelin. There is no word yet on a director.

Source: THR

Numb3rs executive producer Don McGill will join CSI after signing a new deal.

McGill has put pen to paper and will work with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation with producer Carol Mendelsohn for at least two years. His seven-figure contract includes a development component as well at CBS.

He joins the show following the recent departure of ex-CSI exec producer Naren Shankar.

The future of Numb3rs however, is unclear with no word yet as to whether the drama will be renewed for a seventh season.

Source: Variety

America’s Got Talent is utilising YouTube for its upcoming season by introducing a new audition process.

Acts will be able to upload their performance onto a special page on the video website and will be in consideration for the NBC show. Producers will trawl through the web talent and select 40 to post on a channel for users to view and vote for at their will. 12 from the original 40 will then perform live on the show.

“This audacious new twist to the audition process offers our viewers not only a priceless golden ticket to get onto the biggest stage in the country in the middle of the competition, but also the opportunity for a thrilling live show where anything can happen. No other show would dare to take on this challenge.” said Paul Telegdy, executive VP of programming at NBC.

There is no word as to whether other countries Talent shows will adopt the online auditions.

The show will begin in the US on June 1.

Source: THR

Following the controversy over South Park’s infamous Prophet Muhammad episode, Comedy Central has censored the next episode that continues the objectionable storyline.

South Park creators Trey parker and Matt Stone received threats on their lives following the screening of the 200th episode of the hit comedy show after it had shown the Prophet Muhammad disguised in a bear suit.

Comedy Central have since censored the next episode in the series which again features the Muhammad character. Any references to the character’s name have been bleeped over and the character itself has been blocked by a large black box that reads “censored”.

It is believed the episode is now almost impossible to follow properly if you haven’t previously seen the original episode.

“In the 14 years we’ve been doing ‘South Park,’ we have never done a show that we couldn’t stand behind,” Parker and Stone said. “We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central, and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn’t some meta-joke on our part.”

“We’ll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different, and we’ll see what happens to it,” they said.

The threat last week came from website and eluded to the death of Theo von Gogh, a filmmaker who was killed due to a documentary he made exploring violence upon Muslim women.

Source: THR

Five-time Emmy winner Hal Holbrook is joining the cast of Sons of Anarchy for a guest arc.

The veteran actor has signed on to play Nate Madock, the father of Katey Sagal’s character, Gemma, for a four episode run.

85-year-old Holbrook has enjoyed a long and varied career which has seen him feature in the likes of Into The Wild and Wall Street on the big screen and ER, The West Wing and The Sopranos on television. He was nominated for an Oscar and a SAG Award for his role in the Sean Penn-directed Into The Wild.   

Following a successful second season, Sons of Anarchy will begin production of its third this week in the US.

Source: Variety

Riding hot after the huge success of the first few episodes of the second season, the cast of Glee are releasing another album.

The Music: Volume 3 Showstoppers will be the third soundtrack album from the hit show, and will feature 19 tracks including guest appearances from the likes of Kristin Chenoweth, Neil Patrick Harris and Olivia Newton-John.

Previous releases from the Glee crew include two season one soundtracks and a Madonna covers EP.

The album hits stores on May 18.

Track listing:

1. ‘Hello Goodbye’
2. ‘Gives You Hell’
3. ‘Hello’
4. ‘A House Is Not A Home’
5. ‘One Less Bell To Answer/A House Is Not A Home’ (Kristin Chenoweth)
6. ‘Beautiful’
7. ‘Physical’ (Olivia Newton-John)
8. ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ (Jonathan Groff)
9. ‘Lady Is A Tramp’
10. ‘One’
11. ‘Rose’s Turn’
12. ‘Dream On’ (Neil Patrick Harris)
13. ‘Safety Dance’
14. ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ (Idina Menzel)
15. ‘Loser’
16. ‘Give Up The Funk’
17. ‘Beth’
18. ‘Poker Face’ (Idina Menzel)
19. ‘Bad Romance’

Source: Digital Spy

Canadian television networks spent up large over the past year on American fare in order to survive the recession.

A report by The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission released recently has found domestic broadcasters spent $521.7 million in 2009 on foreign TV programming, up around 36% from the previous year.

Drama accounted for the biggest spend-up for American programming, with $320 million spent on that genre.

US Sports programming was the next biggest with $50.1 million spent across the year.

All this spending was due in part to the new HBO Canada network launched in late 2008.

However, local Canadian programming accounted for $1.08 billion spent across all cable, pay TV and VOD services, a figure similar to that spent in 2008.

The biggest costs were $302.6 million for domestic sports programming, and $183.3 million channelled towards local dramas.

American network Showtime has picked up Lisa Kudrow’s new online series Web Therapy.

The ex-Friends star plays a therapist in the series which involves her character giving advice via webcam. The series is a total of 45 short episodes and the network will adapt them to suit television.

Showtime has planned to take three of the short 5-10 minutes clips and string them together to create a single episode. Plus extra footage will be shot in order to complete each episode.

“I’m a huge Lisa Kudrow fan, and I think it’s a clever show she’s put together,” said Showtime entertainment president Robert Greenblatt. “It’s a great little coup for us.”

Source: THR

Kate Gosselin is the latest dancer eliminated from Dancing With The Stars after failing to survive movie night.

The reality mom’s foxtrot garnered only 15 points from a possible 30 from the judges and fans have answered by voting her and partner Tony off the show.

When asked about sitting in the bottom two, Kate answered “I’m giving my best, and I am having fun, contrary to popular belief.”

It’s now down to seven couples, with Nicole Scherzinger and her partner Derek leading the pack following an explosive movie-themed week.

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been threatened by a radical Islamic website following their depiction of the Prophet Muhammad disguised in a bear suit on the hit comedy show.

The website posted the threat after the screening of South Park’s 200th episode which featured the bear.

“We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show,” the post reads.

“This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them.”

The website also included a graphic photo of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who was killed in 2004 after he produced a documentary exploring the violence Muslim women face.

Comedy Central had no comment on the post.

Source: herald sun