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In an interview with EW this week, Shonda Rhimes dished on what’s to come for the rest of the season!

“What is coming up on Grey’s Anatomy is pretty intense.”

“It’s the kind of finale that changes everything. I know people like to say that, wave the phrase ‘game-changer’ around like a red flag in front of a bull. But dude, this year?”


“Of course, I’m not gonna tell you anything about it. Because I’m scared to. Instead, let me tell about a few things that are going to lead up to it … “

  • Teddy is going to find herself fighting for her job.
  • Sloan Sloan comes back to have Mark’s grandchild.
  • Derek and Meredith are going to have a very serious conversation that may or may not involve the word “baby.”
  • You’re going to see what happens when two Karevs get in the same room together.
  • Callie and Arizona and Mark are going to do something dirty with pound cake.
  • NOTE: They were going to do something dirty with mini-muffins, but Broadcast Standards and Practices said no.
  • A 700-pound man comes to Seattle Grace and our residents have a hard time remembering their sensitivity training.
  • Mer is gonna go a little badass and protective on Owen when it comes to Cristina.
  • Derek is going to get even dreamier (okay, I only said that so Patrick Dempsey will come to my office and say, “Please stop torturing me” And while he’s in my office, he’ll have to then say, “Please stop touching my hair or I am calling security.”)

Ok, so last week Entertainment Weekly revealed that one of the popular shows aired on CTV in Canada would have a key character reveal a shocking pregnancy during the season finale.

Well, it looks like Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy could be the two contenders. And, while I don’t know that I believe there will be an actual pregnancy but perhaps pregnancy talks, I think it could be Grey’s. The previews for this episode’s show has Meredith talking to Alex saying “he wants me to have a baby” and going on to explain that she had a bad mom so she’d be a bad mom.

Well, the timing would be a little suspect considering earlier this season they could have easily written Ellen Pompeo’s own pregnancy into the show. But at that stage the show’s creator claimed that it’s just not something Meredith would want. Maybe they were just trying to throw us off the scent and there will be a McDreamy baby?!

Over the past little while, everyone related to the show on Katherine Heigl and her departure from Grey’s Anatomy before this season even ends, and this week it was her turn to speak to Entertainment weekly.

Heigl claims that her decision to leave has nothing to do with her move to film, but her desire to stay home with her recently adopted daughter more often. This sounds like a reasonable explanation, though considering the history she’s had with the show and her obvious desire to become a much bigger star, it’s hard to say if it’s the truth or just what she thinks will go over better with the public.

“I am done,” the Emmy winner said. “We just finalized our agreement. Everyone had been working really hard to find an amicable and gracious way of letting go and moving on.”

“It’s sad but it’s what I wanted.”

Well, the 31-year-old is nothing if not candid. She reveals that it was family issues, not her burgeoning film career, that prompted her to approach series creator Shonda Rhimes.

“I started a family and it changed everything,” says Heigl, who took a three-month leave from Grey’s this season to bond with her newly-adopted daughter, Naleigh, and is now free of her contract 18 months early. “It changed my desire to work full-time.”

Although she was scheduled to appear in this season’s final five episodes, that is no longer happening. As a result, the January 21 episode was her final one as Dr. Izzie Stevens.

“I know I’m disappointing the fans,” she says. “I just had to make a choice. I hope I made the right one.” Was it? You tell us by leaving comments and voting in our poll below:

We already know that many of the former Mercy Westers are not likely to make the cut and hang around next season, but Jackson Avery played by Jesse Williams is one character that will be hanging around. At least, according to a recent interview with TV Guide.

A Grey’s Anatomy rep confirms that Jesse Williams, whose character was introduced in the current sixth season, will be back for the following season (2010-11) as Dr. Jackson Avery.

“That is good news,” the star told TV Guide upon hearing the news. “I did not know. I mean I had fingers crossed. They said, ‘We feel great about you.’ It was everything but the word.”

Jesse may be surprised, or just very modest, we are certainly not. Since arriving as a Mercy West transplant and shaking things up, he’s emerged as an intriguing character this year.

“I can’t pretend I didn’t notice the amount of time and energy they invested in the character,” admits Williams, who has already had some substantial story lines. “I’m totally excited!”

esse says he intentionally avoided discussing his potential future on the show with his colleagues who play the other three Mercy West newcomers – Robert Baker (Dr. Charles Percy), Nora Zehetner (Dr. Reed Adamson) and Sarah Drew (Dr. April Kepner).

At least two of those three will not be back this fall.

“I was only guaranteed to be in a couple of episodes, so we’ve been playing the cards we’re dealt every week,” the actor tells TV Guide. “We’ve had an allegiance to each other.”

“I’m sure we’re all thinking about (the future) because it’s a terrific job, but there’s no discussions, like, ‘Say, did you hear anything? You around next week?’ What’s the buzz?’ That would drive us nuts because the last thing you want is one person’s success to be another’s downfall.”

This week EW`s Michael Ausiello revealed that one of the original Grey`s Anatomy characters will reveal a juicy part of their past, and it will relate to growing up in foster care. We don`t know whether he`s talking strictly about the interns or if the complete cast of characters is included here. Choices are limited, since of course we have a pretty good understanding of many of the characters`backgrounds. Meredith and Cristina both had parents raise them regardless of how stable their home lives were. Izzie grew up in a trailer park, and though something else might have gone on in between; her character`s not set to return so unless it`s related toher write-off from the show it can`t be her. If it`s an original intern, that really only leaves Alex and the chances are pretty good that it`s him as far as I`m concerned.

What do you think? Which one of the interns grew up in foster care? Or do you think that it’s one of the attendings?

So, it’s no secret that Katherine Heigl has had it with Grey’s Anatomy and this week E! Online gave us some more info on where the drama stands.

According to E! Online, Katherine has been asking to leave the medical drama for close to three years, and she finally got what she wanted last week when Grey’s Anatomy creator / executive producer Shonda Rhimes and ABC agreed to let her out of her contract.

According to one of Heigl’s coworkers on the Grey’s Anatomy set, things got “pretty miserable” for all parties involved and “they [the producers] decided to let her leave.”

The show’s ABC rep has no comment, and Heigl just parted ways with her personal publicist, but it looks increasingly likely that Katherine will not return at all to the set.

Unlike T.R. Knight, whose George O’Malley ended up getting a heroic, and tragic sendoff during the Season 5 finale, the writing staff is unsure how to handle Heigi’s exit.

So was she a no-show? If so, why? A source in Heigl’s camp says she wasn’t given a call time to return to Grey’s Anatomy after her family leave ended earlier this month.

According to this source, Heigl’s “calls weren’t returned” when she phoned in asking when to report back. A statement may be made regarding this matter later this week.

Basically, it looks like there’s no love lost, or communication between parties in this contentious TV divorce. Was Shonda so bitter at Katherine that she didn’t even call her?

Viewers have been complaining that Teddy isn`t bringing enough to the table on Grey`s Anatomy. But, EW`s Michael Ausiello tells us not to give up on her yet, because she`s going to have a plotline that doesn`t involve Owen or Cristina. After last week, her plotline is fairly obvious, but here`s the scoop!

Question: I’m bored with Teddy on Grey’s Anatomy. Please tell me she’ll interact with someone other than Owen and Cristina soon? —Maya
I can confirm that in the March 25 episode Teddy will interact with someone other than Owen and Cristina. And there’s a good chance sex will be involved. In other (possibly related) Grey’s news, Leven Rambin is due back as Mark’s preggers daughter, Sloan, on April 29. (I can’t keep a secret — Teddy and Mark are hooking up!)

Dating.  Dating is a lot of things.  Fun.  Exhilarating.  Exciting.  Breathtaking.


Occasionally, maybe.  But usually it’s miserable.  It’s a freakshow.  A slog.  Punishment for killing children in a past life, perhaps.  It sucks.  Your heart, your hopes, your dreams, all projected onto some hapless wretch on the other side of the table, who’s using the drink menu to pick his teeth.

Dating is best left to the young.  The young and the optimistic, who can ride their optimism through the countless dinners at Italian restaurants required to zero in on a life partner.  Unfortunately, the young ain’t the ones doing it anymore.  Grown men and women, people who waved goodbye to their twenties long ago, are dating.  They’re divorced.  Or they wanted to focus on their careers before they worried about marriage and family.  They’re grown ups, and they’re sitting in Italian restaurants across the land, talking about their childhoods, and their rock climbing, and how they wish they had more time to cook.

Mark Sloan.  Miranda Bailey.  These are not people who ever thought they’d have to have the conversation over pasta.  Bailey married young.  Dating for her was milkshakes in high school.  Movies.  Bowling.  And Mark… well, we know what it was for Mark.  It was a lot of women, over a lot of years, and it was, shall we say, aerobic.  So all this crap about getting to know each other, and figuring out how to get close to a perfect stranger is baffling.  Bailey’s forgotten all the rules.  Mark never knew them in the first place.  It’s a nightmare.

Now, if you have to date, you should date Jason George.  He’s the amazing and terribly hot actor who plays Ben, and the fact is, while I have great sympathy for grown women who have to start dating after years of marriage, it’s not easy to muster up all that much sympathy for Bailey when she’s dating freaking Jason George.  But I try.  And Mark, well, him I really do feel sorry for, because this isn’t his thing.  He’s a ragingly confident man.  But he’s never had to play this game.  He’s never trolled for a wife before, he’s trolled for… you know… but not for the mother of his children.  And yet he goes for it.  He tries.  He’s so earnest.  And so nervous.  And nobody believes him.  Teddy can’t imagine that he’s someone you take seriously.  So nothing makes me happier than seeing him, at the end of the episode, just melt her with talk of an aggressively unromantic lunch date.  He grows.  He wins.  And he deserves to.  Bailey?  She wins too.  Jason George is cooking her dinner.  And kissing her.  That’s the definition of a win win situation.  I guess that’s the moral of the story.  Dating sucks, but if you can survive it, sometimes nice things happen after.

I want to talk about Callie for a minute, and how lovely it is that she’s suddenly the one who has her act together.  She’s the grown up.  She’s not the freak, sleeping in the basement and getting her heart slammed.  She’s the authority.  Mark wants her help.  Bailey wants her advice.  And she’s good at it.  It’s lovely.  For the three seconds before Arizona tells her that they don’t have the same vision of the future.  But until then… it’s so nice.  I’m so happy for her.  She’s suddenly at peace in her own skin.

That’s the problem.  Surgeons are achievers.  Over-achievers.  And they’re used to being successful.  But you can’t win at every game, no matter who you are.  Seeing them wander outside their comfort zones… it’s so very painful.  But the beauty is, they try.  They push.  They attack.  Comfortable or not.  Confident or not.  They push.  And slowly… slowly… they grow.

Read the rest of the entry on the Grey’s writer blog to learn about Chandra Wilson directing the episode and more of the drama between the chief and Derek

Ok, I’ll admit when I’m wrong, and it seems EW will have to as well since they were the ones who initially indicated that characters were leaving the show, but Izzie Stevens wouldn’t been one of them.

Well…now they say we should be ready to say bye to Katherine Heigl, or rather, we already have since the star won’t be filming anymore episodes and her last one already aired.

Here’s what EW has to say:

After six seasons on Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl is finally nearing a discharge.

EW says series creator Shonda Rhimes has agreed to release the fast-rising movie star from her contract and it’s up to ABC Studios and Heigl’s reps to hash out an exit agreement.

Why is all of this coming down right now? That’s where things get interesting.

After taking more than half of the current season off to make another movie and connect with her adopted daughter, Heigl was scheduled to return to the Grey’s Anatomy set on March 1 to begin work on the five remaining episodes of the season.

Just one problem: March 1 came and went and there was no Heigl.

nother insider, however, “insists that it’s much more complicated than that.”

So she just didn’t go in? This whole thing is bizarre.

The source adds that talks between Heigl and ABC have been going on for months and last week both sides mutually decided that the best solution would be to part ways now.

As a result, Heigl is not expected to return to the Grey’s Anatomy set this season after all, which means her final episode as original character Dr. Izzie Stevens already aired.


We met Derek’s older sister, Nancy, on Season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy. Now we’ll meet his little sister, Amelia. That’s right, we have Little Grey, now Little McDreamy is coming!

To Private Practice.

Seriously, it’s true, as odd as it might sound. Caterina Scorsone (Crash) is joining the Private Practice cast in the new, recurring role of Dr. Amelia Shepherd, EW reports.

Scorsone joins the Private Practice cast in Episode 19, which is slated to air in early April. She is not going to be heading to Seattle Grace, according to reports, at least not yet.

On Private Practice, her character gets a job at Oceanside Wellness.

According to Fancast, Amelia is “purposely flying under her venerable brother’s radar” when she brings to a somewhat volatile medical case to Oceanside Wellness Center.

So bold is Amelia’s endeavor that Addison is tempted to tell Derek, only to have her former sister-in-law insist she’s no longer a “wild teenager” but a peer deserving of respect.

There are no plans yet for her or her brother (Patrick Dempsey) to cross over … but come on. He has to right? They do these crossover things at least once per season anyway.

Besides, why cast her as the sister of McDreamy if there isn’t eventually plans for the Shepherds to interact in some way? What do you think of this surprise casting move?