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According to new reports

  • One of the six lovely ladies below will hear a totally unexpected love profession that includes the suggestion of, yes, marriage. It’s stunning for fans and for her.
  • One of these ladies will be propositioned for a threesome.
  • Another duo will move apart when a secret is outed.
  • Another couple will break up.
  • And yet another pair will get thisclose to breaking up because of a misunderstanding, but come out the other side. What does all this add up to? You tell us.

Nothing to spoil here, except the fact that the end of the season is definitely going to be hot. We already know he’s set to return next season, so gawking at Jackson Avery after season 6 ends will not be an issue!

“Regardless of whether you watch the show, the last four episodes will be the most compelling TV you’ve seen in a long time … it’s really out of the box.”

Check out the YouTube video interview with the Grey’s stud at


Sensitivity training: And taking a note from the The Office, Seattle Grace is about to enroll in sensitivity training after making light of a 700-pound (really) patient they must work on. Thank goodness Michael Scott doesn’t work in the medical profession.

he downside of Chiefdom: Life’s going to get a little less peachy for Chief Derek Shepherd when he’s forced to respond to a wrongful death suit against him.

Who hooks up: As for the upcoming hookup, we already know McSteamy’s on the prowl, and let’s just say that Lexie is going to have some serious issues with this. The good thing is that it’s clear Lexie still has feelings for Sloan.

It’s far from certain, but them getting back together is something to bet on.

Who breaks up: It’s pretty clear from recent comments by Patrick Dempsey that it’s not Meredith and Derek breaking up. An interview with Kevin McKidd to be released next week should make it pretty obvious as to whether Cristina and Owen call it quits.

Recently in one of my spoilers I mentioned that it looks like there will be a shocking Grey’s Anatomy breakup to come before the season is over.  According to reports, it looks like it will be on of the long-term couples, and that it won’t be because of an external person or other influences. So, when you break it down, that leaves Meredith and Derek, Cristina and Owen and maybe Callie and Arizona. Browsing other sites, fans have been votign about who they think will split this season and it looks like Callie and Arizona are in the lead, which may not be too surprising considered they have entirely different viewpoints on lifestyle and having children. Cristina and Owen, however, seem to be followigng close behind and only a rare few think it will be the Grey’s power couple.


With Grey’s Anatomy the personal drama seems to take center stage despite the fact that the it’s a show that takes place in a hospital. According to a cast member, there is some huge medical drama still to come this season.

ere’s a new tidbit to get you thinking about the May 6 episode, during which a morbidly obese patient arrives at Seattle Grace/Mercy West Hospital. The gist?

More doctors than usual will be required to save this individual’s life. Drs. Bailey, Webber, Karev, Sloan, Hunt, Kepner, Adamson and Percy, as a matter of fact.

“We’re all working on one big medical case that turns out to be a (highly sensitive) group surgery,” Chandra Wilson (Bailey) tells TV Guide of this big episode.

The scenes, which involve classroom auditorium seminars, have provided a chance for some actors who have been separated for months to work together.

“We’ve all been working, but we often get broken up into our separate stories,” she said. “A lot of us were saying, ‘Ooo, I haven’t seen you in a long time.'”

“I think seeing us together will definitely help the audience remember the core Grey’s Anatomy cast who they’ve been coming back to see all these years.”

In a recent interview, Shonda Rhimes revealed that some big things are to come on our favourite show with what is left of the season, some is good, some is bad; but it is all sure to be dramatic in love!

Brace yourself, Grey’s Anatomy fans.

According to inside sources, there’s a major shakeup coming by the end of this season – one that will result in a Seattle Grace couple calling it quits. But this is heavier than usual.

Apparently, it’s “one of the longer-term, most-loved couples” that splits up, and it’s “going to leave both of them pretty devastated.” Doesn’t sound good, does it? There’s more still.

The backdrop of the breakup involves “a very serious issue “that it certainly seems like the two cannot get past – and does not arise because either of them have met someone new.

Meanwhile, there’s also going to be a new fling in the hospital we love, and it involves one of the newcomers this season, and someone who’s been around for a good long while.

One clue to the hookup: It stinks (and only die-hard fans of a certain other show will get that reference)! If you have any theories on this, we’d welcome them in the comments.

Finally, we hear that the Grey’s Anatomy sixth season finale will be “a serious game changer for every single character.” Okay, Shonda Rhimes said that, but it’s worth repeating.

This week, TV Guide reported big news for one Grey’s Anatomy star. The irony is, it’s one that just last week on the show declared that she would prefer not to have children. Well, her character did, but the actress is already a mom and expecting baby #2!

Jessica Capshaw is expecting her second child, has confirmed.

The 33-year-old actress, who portrays Arizona Robbins on Grey’s Anatomy, and husband Christopher Gavigan have a 2½-year-old son named Luke.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jessica Capshaw on Callie and Arizona’s impending troubles

ABC reps for Grey’s said it’s uncertain how this will affect production but Capshaw may shoot her scenes out of order as Ellen Pompeo did.

Justin Chambers talked to E! Online this week about what`s to come later in the season for Grey`s Anatomy, and apparently things might not be as they seem when it comes to a certain MIA cast member…huh?

Taking a break from shooting a May episode with Demi Lovato, Seattle Grace’s resident bad boy spoke with E! Online about this evening’s episode and all things Grey’s Anatomy.

Despite Izzie serving Alex with divorce papers tonight, Justin says to “never underestimate Katherine Heigl,” and “she’ll probably [be back]. I miss her immensely.”

So does that mean Alex and Izzie may somehow live on? “I think he’ll always have a soft spot for Izzie and he’s going to miss her very much. Who knows, anything’s possible.”

In the more immediate future, Alex and Lexie Grey have been having fun. “It’s a little physical [with Lexie]. It’s kind of a rebound,” Chambers says. “I hope Alex finds love.”

It just seems like whenever he does, he doesn’t know how to deal with it,” Justin says. “Alex married Izzie and said all those wonderful things and I don’t think you can just fall out of a relationship that easy. It’s a bit of a rebound, but she’s a cute girl,” he says.

“She’s a sweet girl… and blond now. So maybe there’s something there.”

This week, we got a look into Alex’s past, and Chambers said we’ll see more of this, or at least the soft side of him.

“He’s a marshmallow underneath it,” Justin says, certainly making us wonder. “He’s got a lot of bravado behind his mouth, but we’re starting to see a more sensitive side to him.”

Post by Allan Heinberg on the Grey’s Writer Blog

We were interested in exploring the somewhat counterintuitive idea that by accepting our own – and other people’s – limitations, we actually allow ourselves to experience life as it’s really happening – to appreciate it on its own terms, rather than to constantly measure it against impossible expectations.

In the “limitations” draft, Meredith, crippled by the emotionally abusive parenting she received from Ellis and Thatcher, had serious doubts about her ability to be anyone’s mother.  But by essentially parenting Alex and his brother, Aaron, throughout the episode, Meredith discovered she might not make such a terrible mom after all.

Alex knew he could never bring himself to return to Iowa to become his family’s full-time caretaker again, but he was able to help Aaron in his own limited way.  He did get his brother a free surgery, after all.  And ultimately Alex was surprised to realize that all Aaron really wanted – in fact, the only reason he even came to Seattle – was to reconnect with his brother again.  And that much, Alex could do.

Also in the course of the first draft, Cristina came up against her own limitations trying to communicate with and care for Owen as he continues to suffer from PTSD.

Mark and Teddy found themselves limited by not being able to be with the people they truly loved.  However, by finally admitting to the unspoken truth that they’re both in love with other people, they were actually able to take some comfort in one another.

Lexie, Richard, April, and Derek were forced to come to terms with the limitations of medicine – as well as the emotional limitations dictated by their profession.

And Callie and Arizona finally had to question whether or not their romantic partnership can survive their own — and each other’s — limitations.  Callie wants to have a child.  Arizona doesn’t.

Even on a metaphorical level, Meredith spends the episode parenting Alex.  As does Bailey, for that matter.  Alex spends the episode trying to parent Aaron without completely losing himself in the past and his family’s dysfunction.  And if you extend the metaphor further, Richard parents Lexie through the rigors of having to take her patient off life-support.  Bailey parents Callie on the subject of having children.  Teddy parents Cristina in the O.R. and in her personal life with Owen.  When viewed through the thematic prism of parenthood, I was suddenly seeing examples of it throughout the episode.  Anytime the doctors of Seattle Grace-Mercy West helped each other, taught each other, cared for each other, they were parenting.  They were raising one another.  Which seems appropriate.  Seattle Grace-Mercy West is a teaching hospital, after all.

I couldn’t help but appreciate the irony that an episode about limitations transcended its own theme and organically became an episode about parenthood, a miraculous process by which people transcend their own limitations and discover there’s absolutely no limit to the amount of love it’s possible to feel for another person.

While no one really has any idea what role Demi Lovato will be playing on Grey’s Anatomy, it does look as though she will make a guest appearance this season. Just this week it was announced that she was filming on set with Justin Chambers. Patient? Short-term love interest for the man on a post-rebound rebound? Someone’s daughter or sister? Who knows, but she’ll be there!