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Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was certainly dramatic, but left more questions unanswered as major plot lines of the series still weren’t drawn to a close. Fans of one of CTV’s top primetime shows will have to wait until next week to see if Derek finally proposes to Meredith, if Seattle Grace will face yet another hefty lawsuit, or if Callie will find herself in the center of yet another lesbian plotline.

As predicted in yesterday’s spoiler articleabout last night’s episode, and revealed in CTV’s Press Release on episode titled An Honest Mistake; last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was filled with tension, bloodshed, and very little romance. Derek and Addison engaged in an OR showdown regarding the protocol for treating their pregnant patient. This plotline brought up issues of both morality and mortality as the surgeons were faced with removing portions of the patient’s brain that would allow her to live, while preserving very few human qualities. Finally, with the appearance of the Chief of Surgery in the tense OR, Derek was forced to surrender his scalpel and allow Addison to deliver the baby, resulting in the death of the mother. Seattle Grace may soon face yet another lawsuit, as the grieving husband of his wife leads him to accuse Derek of her murder, due to her death that resulted from a series of “routine” surgeries.

As we predicted, Derek and Mark Sloan engaged in an all out fist-fight in the hallways of Seattle Grace during last night’s episode of the hit show, Grey’s Anatomy. Preceding the testosterone induced fight, Sloan finally revealed his relationship with Little Grey (Lexi Grey, half-sister of Derek’s girlfriend Meredith) to his friend a fellow surgeon. In a case of bad timing, Derek, still recovering from the blow of losing a patient took out his aggression on Sloan. In the end, both men both retreated home, black and blue with broken egos.

Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy also revealed that in fact, Izzie’s blood tests had been mixed up by an intern, indicating that her previous diagnosis of anemia was incorrect and actual results might be indicative of cancer. However, viewers will have to find out exactly what this means for the character’s future on the show when the plotline continues during next week’s episodes.

Stay tuned as the drama unfolds within the walls of Seattle Grace on Grey’s Anatomy; viewers can definitely expect more OR tension, lesbian drama, critically ill surgeons and of course, the moment we’ve all been waiting for; Derek’s proposal to Meredith Grey.


Tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, airing on ABC in the United States and CTV in Canada, is part two of the cross-over episode between Grey’s Anatomy and its spin off, Private Practice.

Viewers of the popular primetime drama can expect tension between Derek and Addison to unfold over a debate regarding appropriate care for their pregnant patient. The conflict rises further at Seattle Grace when Derek and Mark Sloan engage in an all out, testosterone induced, fistfight. Could this be a case of Derek’s disapproval of Sloan’s relationship with Lexi Grey? Or is he simply taking his disagreement with his ex-wife out on his friend, who has been used as a personal punching bag for aggression in the past?

Viewers of Grey’s Anatomy are also about to find out what’s really been going on with Izzie Stevens. As rumours have been buzzing that Katherine Hiegel (and co-star T.R. Knight) will not be appearing on the next season of the series, fans of the show have been holding their breath, since the ghost of Denny recently returned to inform his living fiancée that her days are numbered. Over the past couple of weeks, Izzie has made herself into a human guinea pig, allowing her interns to practice various tests on her; of course, all the while with the hidden agenda of figuring out what illness plagues her. As tonight’s episode approaches, there is buzz that not surprisingly, Izzie’s blood tests which revealed only anemia, were mixed up by an intern and that a much more serious health problem surfaces.

After Derek’s attempts at finally proposing to Meredith’s were thwarted with the arrival of Addison, the team of Private Practice doctors, and her critically ill brother Archer; viewers are wondering if tonight will be the big night on Grey’s Anatomy?

Tune in to CTV in Canada or ABC in the United States at 9pm EST.


On Monday night’s episode of Canada’s MTV Live, co-host Nicole showed a clip from her Toronto audition for cycle 3 0f Canada’s Next Top Model. The MTV host attended the Canada’s Next Top Model audition at Fairview Mall and provided unique insight into the audition process.

Nicole’s Audition for Canada’s Next Top Model was filmed for Monday (February 16, 2009) night’s episode of MTV live and parodied CNTM’s one-on-one interview format and followed the MTV host and a friend, who they said was not “pretty enough” to audition, to the casting call at Toronto’s Fairview Mall. The cameras followed the pair as they stood in line for Nicole’s chance to audition, and provided commentary and criticism of the other models in attendance. Some were considered shoe-ins for the season, while others were jokingly criticized for their cellulite and clothing choices.

Finally, viewers of MTV Live were able to see Nicole audition in front of Canada’s Next Top Model judges, including fashion icon and season judge Elmer Olsen. After completing a swaggering walk, complete with cat claws on display, the judges chided that MTV’s Nicole would be featured in a Paris runway show. Nicole and her friend left the Toronto audition, declaring that she would no longer have to laugh at co-host Daren Jones’ jokes once becoming Canada’s Next Top Model.

If you missed Monday night’s Episode of MTV live, you can catch Nicole’s hilarious Canada’s Next Top Model audition on YouTube. Stay tuned, once the next season of Canada’s Next Top Model begins, we’ll learn whether the MTV audition was strictly a stunt for the show, or if Nicole will make the cut on Canada’s Next Top Model.


Slice Network’s popular series, X-Weighted is coming back for a 4th season. This time, instead of helping individuals shed their excess pounds, the Gemini award winning show will be helping families live healthier, more active lives.

The new season of the series, will be filming each of the families heartbreaking stories and their struggle to lose weight with help of fitness expert and personal trainer, Paul Plakas until May 2009 in preparation for season 4.

Media Release – December 2008
• Gemini-award-winning series begins production on a fourth season with a focus on families getting fit
Thirteen families have begun their battle against the bulge in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver as the fourth season of the hit Slice documentary series X-Weighted gets underway.
Production began in December on X-Weighted: Families and cameras roll through to early May, capturing the toil and temptations as family members work together — and sometimes against each other — on their weight-loss journey.
“With the alarming increase in childhood obesity in Canada, the X-Weighted team decided it is important to tackle weight loss as a family issue this season,” says executive producer Margaret Mardirossian of Anaïd Productions. “There is a lot to learn from delving into the lives of everyday people so we are very grateful to these families for opening their homes and lives to us and sharing their stories with our Canadian and international audiences.”
Each hour of this 13-part series will focus on a different family, chronicling their gut-wrenching failures and inspiring successes on the long and often frustrating road to a healthier lifestyle.
The families were chosen after an exhaustive search in Calgary, Edmonton and Greater Vancouver. They face vastly different health and lifestyle issues, but all share a common goal to get fit together as a family unit.

While season four continues its production, Slice is continuing to cast for future seasons of X-Weighted Families. Those willing to share their stories, can complete a survey and send pictures that demonstrate their families struggle with weight to:
Fax: (780) 465-0580
Mail: Anaid Productions, 208–3132 Parsons Road,
Edmonton, AB, T6N 1L6

X-Weighted Families is looking for those that meet the following criteria:

Contact us if your family is:
• frank and feisty
• wants to shed excess weight,
• sick of living an unhealthy lifestyle and wants to make positive changes,
• has children between the ages of 8 and 17,
• lives in (or within close proximity to) Vancouver, Calgary, or Edmonton.

We want to tell your story. Submit your application to X-Weighted as soon as possible.

More information about casting for upcoming seasons of X-Weighted is available here.
Stay tuned for more news about when X-Weighted season 4 for families is set to air on Canada’s Slice Network.


Restaurant Makeover , one of Canada’s top remodeling and renovation shows that airs on The Food Network, is hitting the west end of the Greater Toronto Area on today’s episode by bringing their restaurant expertise to Brooklyn’s Bar and Grill in Burlington, Ontario. Canadian designer Robin DeGroot and chef David Adjey help restaurant owner Filipo Corradi restore Brooklyn’s Bar and Grill so it no longer lives in the shadows of Corradi’s successful business; a local Burlington bowling alley. Like many other of the restaurants featured on Canada’s Restaurant Makeover, Brooklyn’s Bar and Grill is a dingy, dive eatery that’s doing nothing to attract its all-ages target clientele.

If you’re not familiar with Restaurant Makeover, the show’s format involves a complete facelift of the local restaurant by starting from scratch. The appointed designer and chef come up with a new concept to help make the failing eatery a successful venture. The Restaurant Makeover team implements new décor in the restaurant and works with the restaurant’s head chef to reevaluate their menu.

Tune in at 11am or 8pm EST on Monday, February 16, 2009 to see what Restaurant Makeover does to turn Burlington restaurant, Brooklyn’s Bar and Grill around. Interested in dining at the Burlington restaurant after seeing their expose on Restaurant Makeover; check them out, but keep an open mind and suppress your disappointment, because fans of Restaurant Makeover have made it clear through reviews that Brooklyn’s Bar and Grill has dumped David Adjey’s creative menu for more low-key fare.

Stay tuned to find out how Restaurant Makeover’s team of foodie experts can help make your restaurant a success.

Canada’s CTV announces programming schedule for primetime shows this February. Starting to tire of this winter’s cold snap? New shows aired in February from some of CTV’s most popular series are ready to heat up primetime programming.


February 13, 2009


Programming highlights on CTV include:

• Lacey fights against the cancellation of Dog River Days in a new episode of CORNER GAS (Feb. 16)
• The first group of 12 semifinalists perform LIVE for the first time on AMERICAN IDOL (Feb. 17)
• The first three finalists are chosen in AMERICAN IDOL (Feb.18)
• Craig T. Nelson (COACH) guest-stars in CSI: NY (Feb. 18)
• In a new episode of GREY’S ANATOMY, Hollywood legend Faye Dunaway (Network, Chinatown) guest-stars as Dr. Campbell, and guest star Kate Walsh returns in this cross-over episode with PRIVATE PRACTICE (Feb. 19)
• Dr. Carter (guest star Noah Wyle) makes a surprise return in ER (Feb. 19)
• Victor Malarek investigates a preacher convincing women to leave their families in a new episode of W-FIVE (Feb. 21)
• Ben Mulroney, Tanya Kim and gossip maven Lainey report live from the only Canadian position on the Oscar® red carpet in ETALK AT THE OSCARS® (Feb. 22)
• Hugh Jackman hosts the THE 81ST ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS® (Feb. 22)
• The next group of semifinalists perform in AMERICAN IDOL (Feb. 25)
• Three more semifinalists are chosen in AMERICAN IDOL’s live results show (Feb. 26)
• Guest star Noah Wyle returns in a new episode of ER (Feb. 26)

Tune into CTV this February, Canada, to catch new episodes of some of Canada’s hottest shows on TV!


After two complete seasons of Canada’s Three Takes TV series on the Slice Network , Slice has yet to announce whether the series will be brought back for a third season this winter. Three Takes on Slice is a daytime talk series, about women and for women that includes the perspectives of its three female hosts who come from varying backgrounds; one is married, one is divorced and one is single.

The three women on Three Takes dish on everything from fashion and beauty, to relationships and sex, and tips about general living. Slice’s Three Takes, which in its past seasons has aired twice daily during the week (12pm and 6pm EST), has also featured Canadian experts who provide their insight on the topics discussed daily.

The hosts of Slice’s Three Takes are all 30 something’s, who find ways to relate despite their different relationship statuses. Andrea Bain, the show’s single girl, wants to find true love despite her rocky history in relationships, although believes that she will remain childless by choice. Christine Diakos is a busy working mom who regularly refers to the chaos that occurs in her household with the network of her large Greek family. Jack Hourigan, the funny girl of the group, is divorced and has a history of appearing on and writing for Second City. During Three Take’s second season, Jack found love again when moving a long-term boyfriend into the home she shares with her pre-teen son, Spencer. If Slice picks up the Toronto based show for the third season, perhaps viewers will find that Jack’s divorce becomes a part of ancient history as wedding bells can be seen in the future.

Are you a fan of Three Takes? Stay tuned for more news on its future with Canada’s Slice Network.

Since Private Practice first aired its complete 1st season in 2007 on ABC in the US, its ratings greatly fluctuated and it dropped off the radar completely during the writer’s strike. This season, ABC moved Private Practice to the prime-time Thursday night spot following Grey’s Anatomy at 10pm, which has boosted its questionable ratings to the best the show has seen to date. At 13 million viewers, Private Practice’s last show, aired on ABC on February 5th, was only half a rating point less than its counterpart Grey’s Anatomy. Since ABC has seen great success by putting the Grey’s spin-off show back where it belongs, one can only help but wonder why CTV in Canada doesn’t feel that Private Practice is good enough to enter the ranks of its programming.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on CTV in Canada on Thursday at 9pm, following a similar programming schedule to ABC in the United States. However, fans of both Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy don’t get the luxury of viewing the linked shows in one time slot after another, since the spin-off show, Private Practice only airs on A-Channel at 10pm. CTV picked up the 1st and 2nd seasons of Private Practice, and still hosts the show’s episodes on its website, so what happened? Is it just that ER that airs in the ten-spot on CTV primetime Thursday’s gets better ratings, or is there something else at play here?

The closest we Canadians get to Private Practice on CTV comes in the form of the cross-over episode of Grey’s Anatomy that just aired on the network; where Addison Montgomery returns, along with members of the Private Practice cast, to Seattle Grace to have Derek Sheppard operate on her brother Archer’s brain. But to see Private Practice’s version of the cast reunion between Grey’s Anatomy and the California clinic, A-Channel will have to fit the bill for now.

Why do you think Private Practice is no longer good enough for CTV’s primetime programming schedule in Canada?