Hugh Dillon talks The Killing and filming with Peter Sarsgaard

TheKillingHughDillonHugh Dillon has praised his storyline with co-star Peter Sarsgaard on The Killing, saying filming scenes with Sarsgaard “couldn’t be better”.

The storyline sees the Canadian actor, who plays death row prison guard Francis Becker, caught in a “dark duet” with Sarsgaard’s inmate character Ray Seward.

“It’s a dark duel. It’s the antagonist’s antagonist. It’s the bad guy to the bad guy, who’s cloaked as an authority figure,” Dillon tells The Hollywood Reporter. “[The writing] instilled that kind of tension in the words and the characters.

“This isn’t network television. It’s elaborate and so beautifully written and the kind of thing that as an actor you’re waiting to do and hoping you get to do these kind of roles,” Dillon says. “I look for parts and roles on film and shows I’m interested in that are exciting to be a part and this was that.”

Dillon says his character goes into very “dark places” as the season progresses.

“As the [season] goes on, you see what the psychological baggage he carries with him is and that is his family,” he says. “He is the dark lord in the prison. He is the master of that domain. That’s why he has such a problem with Seward. His home life is, for a guy like that, so dysfunctional, it’s killing him.”

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