Happy Endings creator suggests Arrested Development-style revival

HappyEndings2013The creator of the cancelled comedy series Happy Endings has not ruled out a comeback.

David Caspe says that an Arrested Development-style internet series is a possibility if no other network picks it up.

Caspe said: “I would never say never to anything. We would always be open to talking about it,” he stressed. “But the only way to move on is to move on. We have other stuff that we’ve gotta do. Who knows?”

“I’m sure when they moved on from Arrested Development they never imagined that seven years later they would do it again.

“If you’re thinking that it’s gonna happen as a writer, you’re not focusing on the new stuff you have to work on. None of us would ever close the door, but I can’t really spend too much time hoping for that.”

Caspe also noted how good it was for the cast to come together again last week for the wedding of Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert on Prince Edward Island.

“We had an awesome time, and her wedding was great,” he said. “I was actually thinking about it today that it was probably the last time we’d all be together as a group.

“Hopefully, we will all still see each other one way or another, but it’s probably the last time that we’ll all be together, and that’s kind of sad. Luckily, I didn’t realise it until afterwards.”

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