Top Chef Canada winner lines up toy cars with prize money

TopChefCanada2013winnerToy cars are the new priority for newly-crowned Top Chef Canada winner Matthew Stowe.

The Cloverdale, B.C. resident took home $100,000 courtesy of Food Network Canada for his win and he says some of it will be spent on toy cars.

“My son (Gavin) is really into cars, so I could buy a lot of toy cars,” Stowe said this week. “But everything is still sinking in, so it’s hard to say. I think right now my wife (Amber) definitely deserves a nice, hot holiday, because she worked really hard when I was away (filming the show), so that’s probably where a little bit of it goes.”

Stowe says he worked hard to keep his win a surprise for friends and family until it was actually revealed on TV.

“I definitely wanted to keep the secret tight until tonight, just to make the event a special one,” he said.

“I’m very happy with how it all played out, that I was able to share the moment with them and have them be surprised about it.”
Stowe says he is keen to continue for the meantime in his job as a product-development chef for Cactus Restaurants Ltd.

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