Three new Beyblade series on the way

Three new Beyblade series are in the works at Nelvana Enterprises and d-rights, Inc.

Beginning this fall, Beyblade: Shogun Steel, BeyRaiderz Shogun (w/t) and BeyWarriors Cyborg (w/t) will introduce new fans to the series and take the story in a new direction.

A new set of characters and a very different and treacherous Beyblade universe set the scene for the new Beyblade series. Taking place seven years after the events depicted in the previous Metal Saga series, Beyblade: Shogun Steel finds the WBBA rebuilding the Beyblade world by introducing a new Bey system, as well as training the next generation of Bladers.

Gargantuan Spirit Warrior battles will be reflected in an exhilarating and innovative new direction for the brand in both the series and the upcoming new toy line from Hasbro, which will introduce new play patterns including figural battling.

“Shogun Steel begins the most unique and fantastical vision of the Beyblade universe we have seen yet and continues to offer an exciting world of interaction between the TV series, toys and games,” said Colin Bohm, Managing Director, Nelvana. “The series’ fresh new storylines will reignite interest from current Beyblade fans as well as invite new fans of the franchise.”

Along with Beyblade’s continuing new series, new licensing partners are lining up to sign deals that tie-in with the brand including Paris Geneve in Canada (boys sleepwear, underwear and T-shirts), Mad Dog Concepts in the US (sleepwear and socks), Eugene Textiles in the US and Canada (craft kits and fleece throws) and Black & White Shoes, which renewed its license for footwear in Canada and will be expanding into the U.S. Other licensees include Ferrero (chocolate eggs) and Fipotex (apparel and accessories) both in Europe and Unilever (Signal) in Germany (tooth brushes and tooth paste).

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