Slice taking Canadian viewers back to Summer Camp

SummerCampSlice is taking viewers back to summer camp with an all new series from the creators of Big Brother.

Summer Camp sees 16 contenders head back to camp to compete in a battle of the sexes with one side emerging as winners of the $250,000 to be split between the team.

While bunking at a beautiful lakeside retreat in California, the girls’ camp and the guys’ camp will compete in contests inspired by classic camp games. Each week the losing team will have to banish two of their teammates to the opposing camp, while the winning team will decide which of the two banished campers will have to leave summer camp for good.

At the end of the summer, the remaining campers will contend in the Campathalon, an Olympic style final face off. The winning camp will receive a $250,000 cash prize to be split among the remaining contenders.

“Coming off of the incredible success of Big Brother Canada, SliceTM is bringing viewers a brand new competition series with a twist,”said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President of Content, Shaw Media. “From the creators of the hugely popular Big Brother, Summer Camp is sure to keep viewers enthralled all summer long.”

Introducing the girls’ camp:

• Erin Cosgrove – Personal trainer and classic country girl
• Melinda Gross – Professional stuntwoman and nerd who loves comic books
• Brooke Magnum – Tomboy turned professional model
• Isis McKenzie – Veteran pageant queen
• Michelle Schexnayder – Bodybuilder and video game fanatic
• Rachel Spalding – Energetic yoga instructor and life coach
• Lauren Von Drashek – Former hockey player who tells it like it is
• Meaghan Cooper – Bombshell fitness model and country music artist

Introducing the guys’ camp:

• Mikey Benzaia – Former camp counsellor with a wise guy attitude
• Justin Jackson – Great outdoorsman with a competitive edge
• Chris Grant – Special education teacher who loves to steal the spotlight
• Kyle Kleiboeker – Drama nerd turned broadway performer
• Chuck Lines – Brainy former Eagle Scout
• Cameron Tylor – Old fashioned Christian cowboy
• Mike Ward – All American hero trained to eliminate the competition
• Moises Ramos – Charming firefighter who takes pride in helping others

Summer Camp host Matt Rogers is a television personality, singer and songwriter. As one of the finalists in Season Three ofAmerican Idol, Matt found his calling in television and has gone on to host a variety of reality television series (Really Big Things,There Goes the Neighborhood).

He has also worked as a correspondent on a range of entertainment and sports programming such as Entertainment Tonight and Best Damn Sports Show.

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