Meet Canada's most-killed actor

Graceland3Brandon Jay McLaren pretty much gets killed for a living.

The Vancouver native is no stranger to an on-screen death, given he has met his maker on more than a few occasions in the past few years.

From Falling Skies to Smallville, Harper’s Island to The Killing, McLaren has been killed off them all and he’s hoping he fares a little better in his new role on Graceland.

McLaren plays Dale “DJ” Jakes in the undercover cop drama, which is from White Collar creator Jeff Eastin.

“By Episode 6 you start to realize that Jake has a whole other life outside of the house,” McLaren says. “[It] almost makes him torn about his job and his life and all the sacrifices that he’s had to make to exist in this house.”

He says his character takes his job very seriously.

“He has very specific views about what it’s like to do that job,” McLaren says. “He takes it very, very seriously, you’ll see that as well. But

I think he kind of goes to his job as a solace for painful things that he has in his personal life.”

Graceland began this week on Bravo Canada.

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