How did Mad Men's Jessica Pare come to guest star on CTV's Satisfaction?

Satisfaction3So how exactly did the creator of CTV’s new summer sitcom Satisfaction wrangle Mad Men’s Jessica Pare into a guest role on the show?

For Tim McAuliffe it appears to be all about calling in favours from friends.

“Jessica Paré is someone who sort of hung out at our apartment a lot,” McAuliffe told TV Guide Canada.

“She’s a friend, and she used to sleep over a lot because she was a good friend of [real-life roommate] Claire, who is played by Leah. So, she spent a lot of time there and we’ve remained friends over the years. She came in last week and filmed for 13 hours. That was really nice of her.”

Pare is one a number of guest stars who will be popping up during the show’s rookie season, with others including former Toronto Maple Leaf Wendel Clark, comic Tommy Chong, Jerry O’Connell and Gordon Pinsent.

Satisfaction is due on CTV on Monday, June 24 at 8pm ET/PT.

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