Hour-long graduation special to close out Degrassi this month

Degrassi-GradAn hour-long graduation special will close out the latest season of Degrassi this summer.

‘The Time of My Life’ will see several beloved characters depart the series, including Fiona Coyne (Annie Clark) and Bianca DeSousa (Alicia Josipovic).

But viewers won’t have to wait long to catch up with the remaining DEGRASSI students! With three fresh, new faces – the fierce and fashion-forward Zoë Rivas (Ana Golja), athlete and former prep-school kid Miles Hollingsworth III (Eric Osborne), and sarcastic wingman Winston “Chewy” Chu (Andre Kim) – the summer chapter of DEGRASSI begins July 11 in special, hour-long episode that kicks off a brand-new timeslot, Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET. Then, on July 18 immediately following DEGRASSI at 8:30 p.m. ET, MuchMusic launches the all-new, 30-minute DEGRASSI after-show, featuring exclusive interviews with cast members.

In “The Time Of My Life” (July 11), with graduation fast approaching, Imogen can’t imagine saying goodbye to Fiona and resorts to desperate measures to try and keep them together. Clare is attempting to move on with her life without Eli, but he is not ready to let her go and, like Imogen, goes to great lengths to preserve their relationship. Will it be too late? Mo wants to lock down a bromance with Jake before the summer, but doing so jeopardizes his relationship with Marisol.

Degrassi’s Class of 2013 is:

Marisol Lewis (Shanice Banton)
Eli Goldsworthy (Munro Chambers)
Fiona Coyne (Annie Clark)
Bianca DeSousa (Alicia Josipovic)
Jake Martin (Justin Kelly)
Owen Milligan (Daniel Kelly)
Mo Mashkour (Jacob Neayem)
Imogen Moreno (Cristine Prosperi)
Katie Matlin (Chloe Rose)

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