First two teams revealed for The Amazing Race Canada

AmazingRaceCanadaJonThe first two teams for The Amazing Race Canada have been revealed.

British Columbia couple Kristen and Darren will join brothers Jody (Ottawa) and Cory (Edmonton) in the race as two of the nine teams to race across the country.

In total, nine teams will compete for the historic half a million dollar grand prize, with three more teams announced tomorrow (June 25), two on Wednesday (June 26), and the final two pairings on Thursday (June 27). Set to anchor CTV’s Summer 2013 schedule, THE AMAZING RACE CANADA airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT beginning July 15 on CTV (visit to confirm local broadcast times).

Below are the first two teams announced to compete in THE AMAZING RACE CANADA.


JODY and CORY – Brothers


Name: Jody Mitic

Age: 36

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Current occupation: Army Sniper (Ret.)/Motivational Speaker

Twitter: @JODYMITIC, #jodyandcory


Name: Cory Mitic

Age: 32

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Current occupation: Labour Relations Officer

Twitter: @Miticthecritic, #jodyandcory


Motto: “They are the enemy and we shall destroy them.”

How will they plan to win the Race: Focus, hard work, calculated risk.



KRISTEN and DARREN – Dating Couple


Name: Kristen Idiens

Age: 32

Hometown: Fairmont Hot Springs, BC

Current occupation: Outdoor Adventure Guide

Twitter: @KristenDarrenBC, #kristenanddarren


Name: Darren Trapp

Age: 26

Hometown: Fairmont Hot Springs, BC

Current occupation: White-water raft guide, lifeguard

Twitter: @KristenDarrenBC, #kristenanddarren


Motto: “We believe strongly in equity for all living creatures and creating our own realities through positive thinking and sharing love everywhere we go.”

How will they plan to win the Race: “Using our fitness level, logic, resourcefulness and maintaining a positive attitude towards each challenge.”

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