Female Californication series casts Canadian up-and-comer

BradenPaesAn up-and-coming Canadian actor has landed the lead role in a new comedy series entitled Love in LA.

Braden Paes will feature in the series from director-producer Gianna Isabella, which is being touted as a female version of Californication done in the style of Entourage.

The US-Canada co-production will follow a former stripper whose “ability to act in love during a lap dance doesn’t translate to the silver screen”.

Love in LA” is scheduled to shoot this fall on location in Los Angeles. It is a U.S. and Canada co-production between Deadline Media and Karmic Tilt Productions. Plans are to pitch the series for Showtime, HBO or Netflix.

Isabella will direct series opening episodes and then continue working on the project as producer. Writers Jason Elia and Alexandria Cholewinski penned the pilot episode. Elia previously wrote “Balance,” a short film produced by Isabella that starred Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects).

In his late 20s, Paes’ character is one half of a gay couple that lives with Lexa. “Nothing is off limits,” Paes said. “They all seem to have this sort of no boundaries relationship. They help her through her struggles and encourage her. They seem to be her comical relief for the situations she’s going through. Improv is going to give me an upper hand for this role. It’s got the potential to be two really funny characters.”

Isabella said of Paes, “He’s very directable as a person. He has a lot of good natural instincts on camera. I felt like those would translate really well for comedy.”

Paes’ previous credits include “Collective Unconscious,” “The High School Chronicles,” “Headlines,” “The Late Night Extravaganza,” “Now it’s Just Us,” “The Bearcat” and “Inherit the Wind,” for which he received a Best Young Actor Award nomination at the 9th annual Willy Awards.

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