Eva Longoria defends Devious Maids against stereotype claims

DeviousMaidsEva Longoria has defended her new series Devious Maids against criticism that hit stereotypes Latino women.

The Lifetime series is yet to hit the air but already multiple sources have begun criticising it for stereotyping Latino women as housekeepers in the US.

“[These maids are] the moral compass of the show,” executive producer Longoria said. “For our show to even have five Latino women … The fact is that we do make up a large part of the domestic workers. When someone criticizes that, it’s saying why are you showing your story? That’s so stereotypical, I always think. You’re telling me their story’s not worth telling. That means they’re not complex. That they don’t have a life, that they don’t have a story to tell. They do.”

Series star Ana Ortiz also defended the series, saying there is diversity.

“There’s a lot of diversity on the show,” Ortiz toldtold TV Guide Canada. “It is five Latina leads, but we have Melinda [Page Hamilton] who is playing a Russian maid in there as well.

“I can’t understand why someone’s story can’t be told if they’re not what society deems as ‘successful. If you’re not a lawyer, or a doctor, you don’t have a worthwhile story to tell?”

She added, “I welcome the opportunity that Marc has given us to break the stereotypes and say, ‘Yeah, we’re domestic workers. But we know everything about these people and we have full, full lives. We have love and pain and sex and full, full, full lives out of the homes.’”

Devious Maids is due to touchdown on Lifetime on Sunday, June 23 at 10pm ET.

A sneak peek of the first episode is already available at mylifetimetv.ca.

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