Another 24 regular returning for new season 24: Live Another Day

24-logoThe new run of 24 episodes has locked down another familiar face in Jon Cassar who will return as director and executive producer.

The filmmaker is a key member of the 24 family, having directed 59 episodes between season two to seven.

“I’m very happy to be renewing my relationship with the 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine family and am excited to call ‘action!’ again on the set of the resurrected 24,” Cassar said.

“Considering I was not involved in season eight, this new 24 event series gives me the chance for closure on a show that is very important to me.”

Executive producer Howard Gordon said: “Jon was a profoundly integral part of 24 creatively and culturally. It doesn’t feel like it would be 24 without him, and we’re all just really thrilled to be working with him again.”

Kiefer Sutherland has already confirmed his return as Jack Bauer in the new season, entitled 24: Live Another Day.

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