Angus T Jones WILL be back on Two and a Half Men says Chuck Lorre

Paint it, Pierce it or Plug itChuck Lorre has confirmed that Angus T Jones will indeed be returning to Two and a Half Men.

The teenage actor appeared to have shot himself in the foot with his infamous YouTube rant last year where he labelled the sitcom “filth”.

It seems Lorre is still keen to have Jones back on the show, saying they will work him into the series around his college schedule.

“Angus is going to college in the fall, which is, I think, wonderful, which is appropriate, and he’ll be on the show as available around his college schedule,” Lorre said.

“He’s been on the show since [he was] 9 years old. He’s 19. I think he should be able to do both.

“[He can] explore college at this point in his life and when he’s on a break, we’ll try and scoop him up and put him on the show every chance we get. He’s a great kid. He’s a great young man.”

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