Alex Trebek denies retirement rumours, says he's having a good time

Alex-TrebekAlex Trebek has shut down talk that he is about to retire from television.

The Canadian Jeopardy! host was rumoured to be hanging up his hat in 2016 but according to the man himself, this is not true.

“There was way too much made of a comment I had made about thinking about retiring,” he told TV Guide Canada. “It just got blown out of proportion, but that’s OK. That’s what reporters do sometimes.

“It’s a natural comment to make. Someone says, ‘You’ve been hosting the show close to 30 years, do you ever think about retiring?’ Well, yeah. But it’s all up in the air.”

Trebek admitted that although he‘s had health problems, he’ll keep going until he feels he’s no longer enjoying it or doing his job properly.

“I had a heart attack, that’s all. I did an EKG not too long ago and it doesn’t even show that heart attack anymore, so my heart in that area has repaired itself so I’m good to go. As long as I feel my skills have not diminished too much, and as long as I’m enjoying it and having a good time, why not?”

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