Teenager designs Twitter plug-in that blocks TV spoilers

homeland_season_2We all know Twitter is rife with TV spoilers so wouldn’t it be great if someone came up with something that would eliminate the threat of seeing stuff you don’t want to see?

An American teenager has done just that.

17-year-old Jennie Lamere has designed a plug-in called Twivo that blocks tweets if it detects keywords that may reveal important details.

If one of your shows is about to screen, then you activate the plug-in and designate keywords or tags that tells Twivo what to block.

The programme won “Best In Show” at TVnext Hack, a competition for software developers held last month in Boston.

“I was just getting kind of annoyed how on Tuesday, when a lot of my favorite shows were on, I could never go on Twitter because it was filled with spoilers,” Lamere told The Times.

Twivo will be released for Chrome and Firefox in the coming weeks.

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