Should violent criminals be able to watch Dexter in prison?

DEXTER (Season 6)There is no word yet on whether Canadian murderer Mark Twitchell will be allowed to continue watching Dexter while he is imprisoned.

Government officials and Corrections Service Canada have yet to confirm whether Twitchell will continue to have access to the series while serving time given the violent nature of the program.

It is believed that the serial killer series – which features Michael C. Hall – helped inspire Twitchell to commit the murder of Johnny Altinger.

A victims’ right advocate, Joseph Wamback, believes that Dexter is not suitable viewing for violent criminals.

“I don’t believe that any offender should have access to this type of media,” Wamback said. “They’re reliving the previous committed crimes.

“To allow somebody like this to view these types of things, especially where they are going to be reenactments of his crime, I find reprehensible.

“I just don’t, for the life of me, see how this could possibly be considered rehabilitation.”

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