Save Bomb Girls campaign shows us how to support Canadian TV


Update: The Save Bomb Girls campaign has now reached their $4,000 goal.

Fans of the recently cancelled Bomb Girls are showing Shaw Media how to support Canadian-made drama with a highly-organised campaign.

The Save Bomb Girls campaign was launched following Global’s announcement on April 22 that they would not be renewing the series for a third season.

Along with a wonderfully designed website, the campaign also has active Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages dedicated to showing the powers that be that fans want more from the Bomb Girls team.

Currently in motion is a ‘Victory Bandanas Campaign’, which aims to raise enough money to fund a shipment of fan-designed blue bandanas to be delivered to the Global offices.

Donations so far have totalled over $3,300, which is super close to the $4,000 target.

To the team behind the Save Bomb Girls campaign, we salute you.

Donate to help save Bomb Girls.

Save Bomb Girls on Facebook

Save Bomb Girls on Twitter

Save Bomb Girls on Tumblr


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