Pascale Hutton talks season three of Arctic Air

Arctic Air 2, Block 4, Ep.209, Day 2a, October 2, 2012, Pitt Meadows BCPascale Hutton has talked about the third season of Artic Air as being a marriage between the best parts of season one and two.

The actress – who plays Krista Ivarson on the series – notes that the third season will allow the show to truly come into its own.

“I feel like in third season, we’ve kind of sat down and the writers have sat down with the producers and with CBC, and they’ve looked at the two seasons and they’re kind of marrying the best of what was happening in the first season and what was happening in the second season and moving forward into the third season,” she told the Georgia Straight.

“Season one was introducing all the characters and introducing the concept of the show. Season two, we kind of moved way more into action and adventure. And I think now in season three, they really want to keep the action and adventure but have it really motivated and spawned from what the character’s personal journeys are.”

Hutton says she enjoys how here character has developed over the course of the series.

“I feel they’ve really developed her as this very independent, strong, forthright woman. But they’ve kind of also added this vulnerability and also this sense of humour to her. So it’s just more multidimensional. And that’s always more exciting to play.”

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