Netflix claims BitTorrent usage has dropped in Canada

Netflix_LogoNetflix believe they are successfully combating the use of illegal file sharing in Canada since they have set up camp here.

The company’s CEO, Reed Hastings, claims that BitTorrent usage has dropped since Netflix arrived onto the scene in Canada.

“When we were first doing our research in Canada, a few years ago, it was stunning to us that relative to the U.S, (Canadian) suburban moms would openly talk about downloading movies and TV through BitTorrent,” said Hastings.

“Since we’ve launched, BitTorrent usage has gone down quite a bit.”

Hasting added that it’s a regional things also.

“It partially depends on the society, it’s a lot tougher for for us in Argentina, which has a national culture around not paying for things, whereas Canadians don’t have that,” he explained.

“So yea we worry about it, it’s a competitor, but we feel like if we do our service well, we can still prosper.”

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