Mohawk Girls director wants to provide a voice for the community

MohawkGirlsThe director of the new APTN series Mohawk Girls says she wants to give these women a voice.

“I grew up on the reserve feeling invisible, voiceless, in all aspects of my life — here on the reserve, out in the bigger world. I felt really boxed in,” says Tracey Deer.

“I’m making a show about my own life, about my sister’s life, my friends’, my cousins’,” she adds.

Those involved in the series hope to change Canadians perceptions about the Mohawk community.

“We are not that different from the people that are ten minutes that way. We all want to love and be loved,” says actor Heather White.

The series will be filming in Kahnawake for the next couple of weeks and will air in 2014 on APTN network.

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