HBO Canada sets Less Than Kind return date

LessThanKindHBO Canada has locked in the return date for Less Than Kind.

The fourth and final season of the comedy will hit screens on Sunday, June 2 at 8pm ET/MT.

“We are so happy to bring the Blechers back for the fourth and concluding chapter of Less Than Kind,” said executive producer, writer and showrunner Mark McKinney.

“The series has been blessed by an amazing cast that only grew stronger and funnier each season. This season’s storyline brings their characters’ journeys to a very satisfying finish. And we are thrilled to be bringing it to HBO Canada where so many great original Canadian shows have thrived.”

On the heels of recognition at the WGC Awards, Canadian Screen Awards, and Canadian Comedy Awards, including top honours as Best Comedy at the inaugural Canadian Screen Awards, season 4 of Less Than Kind draws to a close during a period of transition for the Blechers.

Anne’s (Wendel Meldrum, in her Canadian Screen Award winning role) anxiety is rising at the looming loss of Sheldon (Jesse Camacho) to a gap-year adventure and to the advances of employee Jim Sheridan (Nicholas Campbell). Newly engaged Josh (Benjamin Arthur) pursues a career at Manitoba Labels in order to move out, move up and start his own family with the increasingly demanding Shandra (Lisa Anne Durupt).

Aunt Clara (Nancy Sorel) finds herself facing the harsh prospect of unwelcome spinsterhood. As for the loveable trio of youngsters – Sheldon, Miriam (Brooke Palsson) and Danny (Tyler Johnston) – their relationships will be strained to the breaking point by a series of tumultuous events. Life will never be the same again for the Blechers. And that might not be bad.

Season 4 of the series features a distinctly Canadian soundtrack with music from the legendary Bruce Cockburn, Jon Bryant, Gloryhound and Imaginary Cities, among others.

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