Two-hour Canadian premiere of Defiance set for Monday

Defiance2The long-awaited sci-fi series Defiance is coming to Canadian screens next week.

Showcase will debut the new series – which stars Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Stephanie Leonidas, Tony Curran and Mia Kirshner – on Monday, April 15 with a two-hour premiere.

Defiance introduces an exotically changed planet Earth, its landscapes permanently altered following the sudden – and tumultuous – arrival of seven unique alien races. In this somewhat unknown and unpredictable landscape, the richly diverse, newly-formed civilization of humans and aliens must learn to co-exist peacefully.

Combining the scope of a fantasy blockbuster with the intimacy of a small-town drama, it’s the story of courage and survival in a frontier town where factions of humans and aliens must stand together against outside forces that threaten their existence.

The innovative transmedia event, Defiance, is the first-ever convergence of television and online gaming, featuring an interconnected world between the two mediums as they evolve together into one overall story.

In the series premiere, the arrival of a mysterious man (Bowler) and his adopted alien daughter causes friction in the boomtown of Defiance, which sits atop the ruins of St. Louis, MO.

Viewers can watch an exclusive Making of: Defiance special directly following the premiere on April 15 at 11:40PM ET on Showcase.

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