Ryan Lochte wants to be like Kim Kardashian

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? - Season 2013So Ryan Lochte has said that he wants to be like Kim Kardashian.

The US swimmer and new reality star has said he admires Kardashian for her ability to establish herself as a brand through reality TV.

Lochte is about to take centre stage on E! with his new series What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, a reality series that will allow fans to take a look at his personal and professional life.

“Kim started from pretty much nothing, and now everyone everywhere knows who she is. That’s what I want to do,” Lochte told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I’ve seen what E! has done in the past with reality shows like hers. Today, she’s huge.”

Lochte also mentioned that he wants to relocate to Los Angeles.

“It’s a perfect environment. During the days, it’s so sunny and I can go to the beach, and night it gets cold so I can bundle up in those covers,” he said.

“And I’m not going to lie, I like the nightlife. I like to party and dance. I like having a good time.”

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