April 2013

BombGirls20132Bomb Girls will not return for a third season.

The Global drama series has been cancelled by Shaw Media after two seasons on the air.

The series will end with a two-hour Bomb Girls TV movie that will “conclude the rich storylines and the amazing journeys of these beloved characters which have strongly resonated with the show’s loyal fans.”

The homegrown drama featured Meg Tilly, Jodi Balfour, Ali Liebert and Charlotte Hegele, with Rosie O’Donnell guest starring this season. Continue reading »

2013 JUNO AwardsCTV’s broadcast of the 2013 Juno Awards last night drew an impressive audience of 1.91 million, up 24% on last year.

Hosted by the charismatic Michael Bublé, the two-hour broadcast from Regina’s Brandt Centre is the third most-watched JUNO AWARDS on record on CTV*.

Nearly seven million viewers watched some or all of the broadcast, which peaked with 2.5 million viewers during Michael Bublé’s first television performance of his new single “It’s A Beautiful Day.” Continue reading »


When your first ever words as a news anchor on live TV are “f*ckin’ sh*t”, things can only get better, right?

A.J. Clemente will soon find out after his nerves got the better of him in his first day on the job. Continue reading »

continuum2013The chance to play a strong female character was the driving force behind Rachel Nichols’ decision to join Continuum.

The actress says she was drawn to the character of Kiera because she feels there aren’t a lot of female characters like her on TV.

“You know I started reading the script and I was about 10 pages in and I thought, ‘Holy cow! I have to play this role’”, she told TV, eh?.

“Because there was everything: she’s smart, she’s got a family, she’s travelling in time, she’s doing fight scenes, she’s forging her way 65 years into the past. There were so many elements to the script and I just thought, ‘Wow man, there are not a lot of female characters like this on TV.’ There are not a lot of female characters like this in general.” Continue reading »

Closed captions users were led astray over the weekend with an incorrect caption stating that New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel was the Boston Marathon bombing suspect.

Fox News in the US were reporting on the chase for the suspect when the closed captioning stated that the actress was indeed the 19-year-old being sought.

Deschanel herself didn’t seem too fazed, tweeting: “Whoa! Epic closed captioning FAIL!”




New promos have been released for the second episode of new sci-fi series Defiance, which got off to a strong start on Monday night on Showcase.

‘Down in the Ground Where the Dead Me Go’ airs on Monday, April 22 at 10pm ET.

Continue reading »

GivingYouTheBusinessFood Network Canada will be premiering their brand new original series Giving You The Business at the end of this month.

In every episode, four top employees of a North American franchise are unknowingly handpicked by the CEO for their loyalty and hard work and put to the test by handling the worst shift of their lives.

With hidden cameras capturing their every move, the strongest candidate will walk away an owner of a franchise worth up to $500,000. Continue reading »

JunosBubleW5 will turn to the spotlight on Juno Awards host Michael Buble ahead of the ceremony.

Premiering this Saturday, April 20 at 7 p.m. ET on CTV, W5’s “THE VOICE” catches up with the acclaimed international star, whose career has included the sale of more than 40 million albums to date.

The Burnaby, B.C.-born artist muses with CTV’s Beverly Thomson about his future plans, becoming a father for the first time, and his upcoming album release, while taking an honest and even touching look back over his career. Continue reading »

Dexter has been confirmed to end at the end of its eighth season.

The Showtime network has made it official in their new marketing of the eighth season, presenting their latest footage with the “final season” tagline.

BigBrother_Canada640Big Brother Canada has proven successful for Slice this year with a number of ratings records broken.

“Big Brother Canada has been shattering records since day one and has quickly become a top series this season”, said Barbara Williams, SVP of Content for Shaw Media. “Canadians have embraced the wholly interactive experience engaging heavily with the series across all platforms.”

Big Brother Canada’s cross-platform success includes the following highlights:

•The three weekly prime time episodes of Big Brother Canada are three of the top six entertainment specialty programs this season (A25-54 and V2+)*. Continue reading »