Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany talks auditions and character playlists

OrphanBlack3Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany used different musical playlists to help her get into the mind-sets of the different women she plays on Orphan Black.

“The music for me was an extra step, something that physicalized that or made it more emotional for me,” she tells the Hollywood Reporter.

“Music is like a lifeblood; it changes the way I move, it changes the way I feel about myself, the way I walk into the room is different depending on the song I was just listening to. The external development of the aesthetic of each character.”

Maslany says that all of her characters are written “so specifically and with such complexity and with respect for each of the characters”.

She says: “There are no stereotypes; they’re very well-developed and well-written. For me, it’s a total joy to dig into the different women and embody them differently. As much as it is a sci-fi show, it’s very grounded in reality, it’s grounded in real people in extraordinary circumstances. The clone backdrop is a cool bridge between sci-fi and reality.”

When asked about her audition for the role, Maslany described it as a “fight”.

“I had about three auditions where I read for the casting director and co-creator John Fawcett. In those auditions, I played maybe two characters but by the time we got to the final round — the chemistry test and the network test — I did, I think, five characters, or something like that. It was a really surreal day.

She added: “I had a piece of clothing or item for each character to help me transition because it was a quick, unnatural way to do it. I didn’t have the luxury of an hour and a half of a costume or makeup change to shift into the new character. It really tested [me in terms of] committing to the craziness of it.”

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