Julie Benz loves playing the badass female in Defiance

DefianceJulieBenzIt seems Julie Benz is right at home playing the badass female in the new sci-fi series Defiance.

The actress has spoken of her excitement about leaving behind the “sexy” female role and stepping into the role of badass Amanda Rosewater.

“At this stage, I’ve been acting forever,” she told tvline. “I’ve played the vixen. I’ve played the victim. I’ve played it all, and the thing I really love now is playing the badass woman.

“Mia [Kirshner] and I had to go to automatic weapons training together and I think I was a little more gung-ho about it than she was. I was having a blast, firing away and learning about how to change the mag, work the gun and clean it and all that. It really appealed to my competitive, tough side.

“It was definitely a new role for me in many ways, where I wasn’t, like, “the sexy one,” but it was definitely fun. The thing I loved about the script is that all the female characters are so strong and the relationships are extremely complex with each other that it allows for a lot of room to be creative.”

She also spoke about some of the alien species in Defiance saying she had two favourites.

“I love the Sensoth, because he just looks like a big giant bear kind of character. And they always have a sad look to their eyes but they’re super-strong. And I really love Sukar, the leader of the Iranthients, the motorcycle aliens [aka “Spirit Riders”]. The actor who plays him (Noah Danby,Painkiller Jane) is so wonderful and his wardrobe is spectacular.”

Defiance is due to premiere on Monday night on Showcase.

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