Dan and Laura Dotson hoping for a role on Storage Wars Canada

StorageWarsStorage Wars hosts and auctioneering couple Dan and Laura Dotson are hoping they will be awarded the same role on the Canadian version of the show.

Storage Wars Canada was announced recently and the pair are working with producers to get the series up and running.

When asked by Huffington Post if they would be auctioneering for the show, Laura Dotson said: “I’m hoping so, yes. That would be so great! There are auctioneers out here, we know a few of them — so there are folks who could come out here and they could do it on their own. But none of these auctioneers are as high-energy as my husband. On the other shows that we weren’t part of, the auctioneers weren’t as charismatic as Danny or as vivacious, and they were actually using our voices over theirs.”

On helping find characters for the Canadian version, Laura said: “We cast everybody for California “Storage Wars” and in this one we’re going to help. We’re going to really put our hands in it. We do pop around auctions and ask our folks who were doing the auctions, ‘Who’s one of your crazy characters? Bring your camera today!’ and right now we’re getting bits and pieces.”

When asked how they thought the Canadian version would differ from the US show, they said:

Laura: “Geographically speaking, it’s going to be different. You’re going to have snow and different elements that we don’t have in California. So you’re going to see them have a bit of a harder time if they get a flat tire!”

Dan: “They’ll probably get a great education the first season or so and then they’ll pick their seasons a little bit better based on the Canadian setting, after we have buyers constantly being like, ‘Go out and put the chains on those tires!’”

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