Canadian actors and directors stand up against Border Security series

bordersecurityorder sThe Canadian border security reality TV saga is continuing with a number of actors, directors and artists calling for its cancellation.

National Geographic’s Border Security has come under fire in recent months after the filming of an immigration raid at a building site in BC.

Last week, over 174 Canadian artists including Nicola Cavendish, Margo Kidder, Sandy Wilson, Patrick Corbett, Min Sook Lee and Aisha Alfa objected to the reality series in a public letter.

“As a veteran Canadian filmmaker, I am appalled by the exploitation of the very real lives of vulnerable migrants for sensational entertainment,” Bonnie Klein, filmmaker and Order of Canada recipient, said in a statement. “We have lost our boundaries.”

“CBSA’s participation in ‘reality television’ of this nature does not properly account for the impact of filming on a highly vulnerable population,” wrote Kevin Zemp, chair of the law association’s immigration section.
“Having others profit from their public humiliation on national television is undignified and does not reflect the high standards of professionalism to which Canadians hold the CBSA.”

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