OWN warned over failing to air adequate educational material

own-logo2012The Oprah Winfrey Network Canada has been warned by the Canadian broadcasting regulator that the channel is not airing enough educational material.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission stated that Corus, who own the rights to OWN, failed to adhere to the term of the license granted to the channel, known as Canadian Learning Television (CLT).

The license mandate states that the channel must “provide formal and informal educational programming and learning opportunities that generally focus on adult education and that come from a full spectrum of basic, credit-based, skills-related and life-enhancing programs.”

“This is a quite serious step,” said Scott Hutton, the CRTC’s executive director of broadcasting. “If you’re found in breach of a mandatory order, you’re one step closer to losing a licence.

“I think they’ve lost their way.”

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