Meg Tilly loving life on Bomb Girls

Bomb_Girls_TillyBomb Girls’ first season marked the return to the screen for Canadian-American actress Meg Tilly.

The actress had been out of the game for 17 years and chose the Global series as the perfect comeback vehicle.

“I’m so happy they offered it to me,” Tilly said. “We were living in Oak Bay on Vancouver Island, just a very peaceful life.”

“I didn’t realize how much I missed acting. I would never want my children to feel that I gave anything up for them, (but) I gained so much with the privilege of being able to raise them. But I didn’t realize how much acting was a part of me and how much fun it is to create with other people.

“I’m not career-building (now), I could care less. I’ve been offered a bunch of things since I started the show but I’m not doing them because I just want to enjoy what I’m doing now.”

Earlier this year, Tilly was awarded the Bes Actress Award for her role as Lorna Corbett in Bomb Girls.

“In the show, women are women, they are not just props to men. They are presented as full people with the light side and the dark side, like we all are. These women were soldiers on the home front,” said Tilly.

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