Canadian version of Storage Wars in the works?

storage-wars-logoCanada may soon get its very own version of Storage Wars.

The reality series, which follows fortune hunters looking to strike it rich, may well be coming to Canada given the latest comments from the president of Toronto’s Proper Television Inc., Guy O’Sullivan.

“We are casting for the show, but we haven’t made an official announcement as yet because a deal hasn’t been signed,” said O’Sullivan

“We are looking for a range of characters. We want hustlers, that’s the name of the game in the business: people who are not camera shy to make a deal.

“We’re determined to find the best people in the country and that’s why we are starting the search so early. It’s a time-consuming process.”

O’Sullivan says it is easier to kick-start new Canadian shows that are based on popular formats.

“Obviously there’s less of a gamble because there’s a proven audience for these programs, but from the viewer’s point of view I think it’s also much more interesting to watch people from your own country participate.”

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