Video: Piers Morgan and Ted Nugent go at it over gun laws

Piers Morgan is continuing his war against guns in the US by taking on musician Ted Nugent on his CNN talkshow.

Morgan’s Monday show opened with him in Texas learning to fire an assault rifle, the tpe of which he is urging the US government to ban.

Nugent, an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment, was not impressed when Morgan asked him how many Americans are killed by gunfire each year.

“Let me stop you there, because I’ve been hearing you say this and you are so full of crap!” Nugent said.

He asked Morgan: “Do you care about murders, or do you only care about murders with guns?”

“I care about all death,” Morgan responds.

“I don’t think you do,” says Nugent. “I think you care about guns. You’re obsessed with guns.”

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