Two and a Half Men references Angus T. Jones melt-down

Paint it, Pierce it or Plug itTwo and a Half Men has acknowledged Angus T. Jones’s now infamous melt-down on its latest episode.

The actor hit the headlines late last year when he openly bagged the show in a YouTube rant and urged viewers not to watch it.

However, it seems all is forgiven now given a crack Berta (Conchata Ferrell) made on this week’s episode about going “off the rails”.

Jake (Jones) brings home a new girlfriend (played by Jaime Pressly) but it turns out the two were on different pages when it comes to their relationship and this seems to stress Alan (Jon Cryer) out.

So Berta pipes up: “Could be worse. He could be one of those showbiz kids that goes off the rails.”

All is forgiven.

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