Top 15 selected for Canada’s Handyman Challenge

Canada'sHandymanChallenge2013The 15 finalists for Canada’s Handyman Challenge have been selected.

Scott McGillivray, Bryan Baeumler and Paul Lafrance have selected the top handyman talent in the country to battle for the title and the $25,000 prize.

“We were blown away by the caliber of people we met this season, which made it incredibly tough to narrow the competition down to just 15 people,” said Scott McGillivray, judge on Canada’s Handyman Challenge. “The finalists now have to step up their game and prepare for tougher challenges and more critical reviews from us judges.”
The Top 15 were chosen after presenting the judges with their most creative plywood projects, from wooden salmon to full working bicycles, and competing in skill-testing timed challenges that stretched their minds and hands to the limit. To learn more about each of the finalists click on the links below.


The top 15:

· Guy Belair, 52, Coquitlam BC

· David Fitzgerald, 28, Lawrencetown NS

· Kris Granneman, 31, Burnaby BC

· Wayne Huston, 44, Westmontrose ON

· Kyle Jackson, 52, Halifax NS

· Michael Kmeth, 42, Hamilton ON

· Brian Lee, 66, Rockwood ON

· David MacCallum, 43, Halifax NS

· Marc Martin, 40, Moncton NB

· Maria Nestoras, 29, Hamilton ON

· Chris Palmer, 30, Oshawa ON

· Shannon Parker, 38, Berwick NS

· Ken Ross, 39, Burnaby BC

· John Rousseau, 29, Summerland BC

· Mark Ulinder, 40, Kamloops BC

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