Rory White

RoryAge 23 – Currently Resides: Toronto, ON (Hometown: Mississauga, ON)

Born and raised in southern Ontario, Rory White is the 23-year-old sous chef at George Restaurant in Toronto. Rory started in the culinary industry at the young age of 14, working in a butcher shop part-time. His experience there, as well as his love of cooking at home with his family, motivated Rory to pursue a career in the culinary world. After graduating from Niagara College’s Culinary Program, he worked as the chef de partie at Windermere House. Rory is known for his skills in butchery and for his love of charcuterie. He currently resides in Toronto, but always manages to make his way up north to hunt, fish and forage for true Canadian cuisine. He is this season’s youngest competitor.


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