Ricki Lake's talkshow headed for the scrapheap... again

rikki_lakeRicki Lake’s daytime TV comeback has lasted just one season, with news today of the cancellation of her show.

The Ricki Lake Show, which airs here on Global, was revived in September last year but is now headed for the scrap heap once again.

“I am so proud of the shows we completed this season, sparking important conversations about everything from raising children to mental illness to suicide prevention to coming out,” Lake said.

“I will continue to be an active and passionate voice for subjects that are close to my heart through a variety of platforms – and a return to my documentary filmmaking work with Abby Epstein.

“I am excited to create meaningful and provocative films similar to our 2007 project The Business of Being Born.”

Lake hosted the original version of the show between 1994 and 2004.

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