Kiefer Sutherland believes Canada must support its TV stars more

Kiefer-SutherlandKiefer Sutherland has thrown his support behind a push for the Canadian TV industry to retain its stars.

The 24 and Touch actor and his mother, actress Shirley Douglas, said that the country needs to support its top talent more.

Sutherland said: “For the first five years of my career I was working back and forth between the United States and Canada. The Bay Boy was the first film I got to do, I would come back and do plays, do theatre here.

“I’ve loved coming back here to work over the course of my career.”

Douglas said: “We need name recognition. There isn’t a picture on a cover of a magazine in Canada by Canadians that has our people on it. And somebody has to change it unless they want everyone to leave. I’m never leaving, I’m here. Too old to be leaving anyway.”


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