Geoff Rogers

GeoffAge 31 – Currently Resides: Calgary, AB (Hometown: Calgary, AB)

Geoff Rogers is the executive chef at MARKET, a local and sustainable restaurant in the heart of Calgary. His culinary career began more than a decade ago at a restaurant called Cornerstone Grill. With no experience, he worked his way up to a supervisory role within the first two years. From there, he moved around within restaurants to gain more knowledge and experience. He believes that chefs should support their local communities by shopping within their “borders” and supporting local farmers and producers who share the same slow food ideals. His cooking style features techniques such as whole animal butchery, curing, cheese making and preserving. He has also introduced more modernist techniques to elevate his creativity and provide more options to highlight an ingredient. Over the past few years he has received several awards and won many competitions. He was also featured on the cover of Avenue Magazine’s 2011 annual food issue.


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