Frederick Boucher

FrederickAge 28 – Currently Resides: Montreal, QC (Hometown: Price, QC)

Frederick Boucher is the sous chef at Pastaga, Vins Natures & Restaurant. He began his career 10 years ago as a dishwasher, until one day the chef simply asked him if he could cook, to which he responded ‘yes,’ and he has not looked back since. Frederick graduated from the Culinary & Tourism Institute of Quebec in 2007. His personal style involves mixing techniques to create a new experience for his customer. He cares deeply about the staff he works with. He believes a good leader is someone who knows what he wants, and he employs a staff that understands his vision. One thing he doesn’t believe in is waste. “I try to use everything,” he says. “If it’s a vegetable, a meat or anything else, and nothing goes to waste.”


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