Chris Shaften

ChrisAge 28 – Currently Resides: Calgary, AB (Hometown: Calgary, AB)

Chris Shaften is the head chef at Blondes Diner in Calgary, as well as the chef/owner of Taste First, a private chef and restaurant consulting business. A native of Calgary, Chris has traveled and worked across Canada and Australia. His innovative approach to time-honoured recipes has garnered him a wellrespected place within the Calgary restaurant scene. Chris’ eclectic style is built upon techniques of classic French cuisine, mixed with his passion for turn of the century Canadian recipes. Chris’ approach to food is heavily researched and then refined with his own personal spin. He places a strong emphasis on food that is accountable to both the community and the environment. Every dish Chris creates is inspired by the season’s most delicious products, childhood memories, and his travels. Chris hopes to not only satisfy his diners, but also to educate and connect them to a time and place.


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