New CBC series Cracked is "not like anything people have seen before"

CrackedBrand new Canadian crime series Cracked is a more genuine than other crime shows according to one of its executive producers.

Peter Raymont, of White Pine Pictures, believes the CBC series has an edge to it that has not been seen on similar TV shows in the past.

“I think it’s not like anything people have seen on television before,” he said.

He points to the fact that co-creator Calum de Hertog is also an active police officer and a member of Toronto’s elite Emergency Task Force.

“He would take David [Sutcliffe] out on ride-alongs and help give him of a feel of what it’s like to be a police officer, to be there, as he often says, at some of the worst moments of people’s lives.”

Raymont also notes that the Canadian music featured in the series is top notch.

“One of the things we’re very proud of in this series is how we’ve attracted some of Canada’s top bands to licence us the music,” he said.
“Wintersleep’s song Weighty Ghost is the song that’s on the series opening and we have music from Stars and Kathleen Edwards and Mother Mother and several other top groups.”

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