New Canadian series set to crack on CBC

Premiering tonight on CBC is Cracked, the brand new hour-long crime drama inspired by real-life experiences of frontline police officers and mental health workers.

The Canadian series, which kicks off on CBC at 9pm (9.30pm NT), features David Sutcliffe (Gilmore Girls, Private Practice) as Detective Adian Black, alongside his new partner, psychiatrist Dr. Daniella Ridley, played by Stefanie von Pfetten (NCIS, Battlestar Galactica).

Other cast members include Luisa d’Oliveira (The Good Wife, Supernatural) as Detective Poppy Wisnefski, Dayo Ade (Lost, NCIS Los Angeles) as psychiatric nurse Leo Beckett and Karen LeBlanc (Shattered, ReGenesis) as Inspector Diane Caligra.

Cracked comes from the mind of Tracey Forbes (Flashpoint, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and Toronto Emergency Task Force officer Calum de Hartog.

The show was selected as a MIPCOM Hot Pick in October 2012.

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